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Sharon surprises Adam by showing up at his motel room door. He urges her to go – she has her own battle to fight. Sharon has no control over her life right now, but helping him is her choice. “Please Adam, let me do that.” Adam argues she has to focus on her health and declares he can’t be fixed. Sharon disagrees and won’t leave. She reveals her cancer has spread – she’s scared and tired and feels her life is out of control, but helping him is something she can do that feels good and important. Adam’s apologetic about not seeing her pain – he’d do anything to take this all away. They sit on the bed as they talk about understanding each other. Adam asks her to let him be there for her. Sharon says, “Being here, with you…” Adam replies, “I know.” He puts his arm around her and she leans her head on his shoulder. Later, Adam watches Sharon sleep, writes a note that he’s gone for food, then leaves.

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At the penthouse, Chance wants to know why Alyssa was there, but Chelsea insists he tell her where Adam is – she senses there’s something he’s not telling her. Chance confirms he found Adam, who is fine, but demands to know about Alyssa. Chelsea reveals she’s going after Adam because he killed her father as a child and Victor covered it up. She complains his father threw the truth in his face and only cares about himself. Chance thinks it explains why Adam was acting squirrely. Chelsea wants to know what he’s keeping from her. Chance reveals he wasn’t alone. She learns Sharon was there and claims she’s glad – she’s been helping him as his therapist. As much as she doesn’t love the idea, Sharon knows Adam and she’s pleased he’s reaching out for help. Chance urges her to go bring him home; it’s a terrible environment. Chelsea’s afraid to pressure him, but Chance warns he sensed recklessness in Adam’s demeanor. He’s worried and thinks she should be too.

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At the ranch, Victor updates Nikki that Alyssa’s back from Kansas and wants to punish Adam for killing her father. He threatened her and worries he made a dreadful mistake telling Adam the truth. Victor regrets not playing more of a father role to Adam growing up. Nikki insists he stop blaming himself and reminds him Adam forced him to reveal the truth. They debate whether Adam’s evil. Victor questions if Nikki would judge him so harshly if he were her flesh and blood. Nikki bristles. She’s sorry for what he’s going through, and even for Chelsea, but most of all for Connor. She assures Victor following his instincts when Adam was young was the right thing to do. Victor apologizes for what he said and realizes the clock cannot be turned back.

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah’s stunned as Rey tells her the surgery didn’t remove all Sharon’s cancer, she’ll need another operation and more treatments. He thought she’d be there and suspects she’s with Adam. Mariah believes she hasn’t seen Adam, but Rey’s unconvinced. He wants to be the man she leans on. Mariah insists Sharon won’t jeopardize her relationship with Rey and points out she doesn’t see Adam risking his family either. Later, Mariah texts Sharon and hopes she’s not doing anything stupid.
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At Newman, Nick and Victoria touch on him being back with Phyllis and her and Billy co-parenting before he asks about her relationship with Victor. Victoria insists their father cut the cord for good when he prioritized Adam over them. She’s sick of Adam doing everything wrong, including killing people, and still being Dad’s golden boy – there will be consequences. Nick feels she has something in mind. He wants to know what’s up her sleeve but Victoria will only say if anything happens he’ll be one of the first to know.
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At Adam’s motel room, Chelsea knocks on the door. Sharon awakens in the bed as Chelsea says, “I understand if you don’t want to open the door. Just hear me out.”

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