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Lily arrives at Chance Comm after her conference and tells Billy she wants to hire some women of color. He agrees, but thinks they’re a good example of diversity. Lily feels they must do better and suggests a college outreach. Billy understands his privilege – he saw the systemic racism after Hurricane Katrina. He wants to be a better ally. Lily smiles. “It’s a process and we’ll both make sure you get there.” Lily reflects about growing up as a person of color and says they’ll address this together.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis enthuses about all the money going into the same place at the same time being amazing – she’s in celebration mode and could kiss whoever’s on the other end of the phone. She asks how long until ‘all her ducks are in a row’, then replies, “Great. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

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At Sharon’s place, she says the news she got is surreal – the cancer has spread. She tearfully tells Rey she feels she’s let them all down. Rey reassures her. Sharon says she’s been playing horrible scenarios over and over in her mind to practice hearing the words, but she never imagined this. “Sorry, we didn’t get it all and now the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes.” The battle just got longer and harder. Rey has faith she can do this – he’s there for her. Sharon breaks down thinking how she’d imagined they’d tell her she was cancer-free. Rey vows it will happen. She worries the next steps will be more invasive and she’ll have decisions to make. Rey promises they’ll get her healthy again.
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Nick greets Summer at Society and thanks her for carving out time for dinner while Kyle’s away. Abby appears to seat them. Nick tells her Phyllis is joining them, which gets a sigh. Summer and Nick discuss the contractor at the house before talk turns to Kyle. Summer beams that things are going well and she doesn’t see that changing. Phyllis arrives and needles Abby – she has spectacular news for her. She has the funds to buy her out of the hotel. Abby guesses she borrowed the money from Nick, but Phyllis raised it herself with help from the Escape Club and a loan. “We’re free.” The redhead joins Summer and Nick, and asks him the latest on Sharon. He hasn’t heard yet. Later, Phyllis tells Nick she’s buying Abby out of the hotel. Nick’s pleased at the prospect of a ceasefire. He gets a text and turns grim. “It’s from Rey,” he tells Phyllis.
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Chelsea answers her door to Alyssa, who’s looking for Adam. Chelsea says he’s out of town on business. They go over AJ’s death and Chelsea reminds her it’s best to leave it in the past. Alyssa’s calls Chelsea as big a con artist as Adam – she knows it came out that Adam actually killed her father and plans to publish the truth. Chelsea explains Adam took off because he was so traumatized. If she publishes the story it will destroy any chance he has of putting the pieces back together. She begs her not to put Connor through that. Alyssa has an obligation to speak for her father. Chelsea snaps that AJ got what he had coming. Suddenly, Chance arrives. Alyssa vows Adam’s crimes will be exposed. Chelsea orders her out, then asks Chance if he found Adam.
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At Sharon’s house, Rey lets her know he’s texted the usual suspects that Sharon’s news was a ‘mixed bag’ – he didn’t want her to have to repeat it to everyone. She’s grateful. Sharon feels she has no control over this, which is the hardest part. When Rey steps away, Sharon texts Adam that she’s sorry for how she left and says she won’t abandon him.

At Society, Nick leaves and Phyllis updates Summer that Sharon’s lab results came back and it doesn’t sound good.

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