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At the motel, Adam awakens to a knock – it’s Chance, who has tracked him down. He warns Adam that Alyssa’s trying to tie the missing guy in Vegas to him. Chance is upset about Adam taking off and won’t leave until he tells him what’s going on.

At Sharon’s place, she tells Rey her results are in at the pathology lab and she’s going alone. Rey reminds her they decided it was important for him to be there. Sharon changed her mind. Rey still wants to go but Sharon remains firm.

At Society, Theo wants to know what’s bothering Lola, but she puts him off and keeps him waiting at length until he finally confronts her about what’s wrong. Lola complains about him blowing her off. Theo reminds her he was working. Lola scoffs that he could have texted her – it’s common courtesy. Theo’s sorry. She doesn’t want him around. Rey appears as Theo departs. Rey touches base with Lola about Theo, then reflects it’s not always easy being with a strong-willed, independent woman. He opens up about Sharon going for her appointment without him. Lola asks what he thinks the doctor will say. Rey feels things could go either way, but they’ll get through it regardless.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena accuses Nate of being the reason behind Amanda suddenly wanting to know if she’s related to Hilary. Nate thinks Amanda needs clarity about the past and if Devon can’t do as she’s asked, she’ll understand. Nate gets a text from Devon to meet. Elena supposes he’s decided. When Devon arrives he hands over a few of Hilary’s hair combs so Nate can determine if she and Amanda are sisters. Devon believes Hilary would think a twin sister would be cool. He recalls finding out about Tucker – he felt he belonged and that’s all Hilary ever wanted. Elena warns they don’t know if it’s true yet. After Nate goes, Devon thanks Elena for being supportive. Once alone, Elena seems concerned.

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At home, Sharon reads her pathology results, then places them back in the envelope and sets it on the table while remaining stone-faced.

There’s a knock on Adam’s motel room door. Chance opens it to Sharon and gawps. “This…this is none of my business.” He says he won’t tell Chelsea and exits. Sharon wonders why Adam let him think they’re having an affair. Adam says it’s easier, but Sharon frets. Adam trusts Chance to keep quiet. Sharon raises her voice about Adam thinking his life is falling apart because of a childhood trauma when others have real problems. “I can’t help you anymore!” Adam pleads with her not to turn her back on him. Sharon becomes emotional about it looking like they’re sneaking around. Adam says, “You can’t walk out on me, Sharon.” Sharon wishes him luck and goes. Adam sits on the floor against the wall.

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In the park, Elena is upset Devon’s going through with the DNA test. Nate doesn’t understand. She wishes she’d told him not to do it and asks, “Do you really not see where this could lead?” Nate’s amused that she thinks he’ll suddenly be attracted to Hilary and tells her to relax – Devon is devoted to her. Elena knows, but still feels things will change, whether they want them to or not.
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At Sharon’s place, Mariah and Rey discuss Sharon’s independence. Rey wonders if he should look for her. Mariah assures him she’ll be home before he knows it. While Mariah makes tea, Rey notices the lab envelope and reads Sharon’s results. He replaces them and when Mariah reappears, suggests it should just be him there when Sharon arrives. Later, Sharon enters and says she came home after her appointment but Rey wasn’t there. Rey tells her he saw the results and assures, “It’s going to be okay.” Sharon slumps to the floor in tears.

At the Grand Phoenix, Theo texts Lola, who blows him off again.

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