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At Sharon’s place, she gets up and Noah advises Rey’s at work and wants a call if her test results come in. Noah grumps about Adam as Sharon gets a text. She assures it’s not from Adam as she reads the text from Chelsea asking ‘Have you heard from him?’

At the penthouse, Chelsea reads Sharon’s reply that Adam hasn’t tried to contact her today. Chance arrives looking for Adam. Chelsea says, “You’re not the only one.” Chance suggests he should stay off the grid – Alyssa Montalvo’s digging around about what happened in Vegas. Chelsea frets and Chance senses she’s holding something back from him. Chelsea tells him if he wants to help he should find Adam, who is dealing with something. Chance agrees.
Chance be straight with me Y&R

In his motel, Adam calls Sharon – he hasn’t slept and needs to talk. She’ll be there soon.

At home, Sharon lies to Noah that there’s a minor emergency at Crimson Lights and leaves.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki gives Victoria an invitation for ‘an escape’. Victoria admires Phyllis’ business model, but isn’t sure it’s her thing. Nikki complains Victoria’s working too much and cautions her about becoming overwhelmed. Vikki thinks she’s doubting her but Nikki promises she’s not and asks her to consider the escape. Once alone, Vikki calls Billy to have the kids for the night as she contemplates the invitation.
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At Society, Lola takes a call from Theo, who’s alone at Chance Comm and wants to sneak away to ‘stir up some trouble’. Lola has a lunch crowd so invites him over. Lola disconnects as Summer arrives and notices Theo’s not there. Lola replies, “Give him some time. He keeps coming back because he likes what’s here.” Noah arrives to meet Summer. They go over Adam being problematic and the relationship shake-ups in town. Summer hopes Nick and Phyllis last even though history suggests otherwise. Noah muses some people are saying the same thing about her and Kyle. Summer assures they’re on the right path. The conversation turns to Kyle’s ex being with Summer’s ex. Summer thinks Lola deserves better than Theo, who isn’t reliable. In the kitchen, Lola texts Theo she’s making a surprise for him.
Summer, Noah meet Y&R

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At Chance Comm, Theo reads Lola’s text but gets pulled into a meeting with Billy before he can reply. Theo pitches an idea and Billy likes it. Theo has more ideas and Billy wants to hear them now…unless Theo’s got somewhere better to be. It’s a long meeting full of bonding and Theo assures Billy he’s got no place to be except at work’s beck and call.

Sharon arrives at Adam’s motel room and they debate whether he’s a monster who needs to be caged off from the world. Adam can’t stay in denial about being a killer. Sharon feels he’s not seeing this the way everyone else is, but he argues they’re not living it. She wonders why the desperate call if there’s nothing to discuss. Adam sighs – she knows how to make him feel better. Sharon counters that’s not what therapy’s about. Therapy isn’t what he means. He moves close. Sharon can’t save him and pleads for him to work with her so he can resume his life. He can’t do that and would rather hurt Chelsea and Connor a little now rather than a whole lot later. Sharon tells him she had to lie to Chelsea. She insists he get some sleep and stays until he’s deep in slumber. Eventually, Adam awakens from a bad dream to find her gone.

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At Society, Lola’s puzzled at not hearing from Theo and eventually dumps the surprise she made for him in the trash. At the bar, Noah introduces himself and Lola’s short with him. He tells Summer, who’s surprised to hear it. Later, Theo arrives excited about work. Lola’s steamed he couldn’t have taken two seconds to let her know he’d be late and walks off.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon takes a call from her doctor’s office and is told she’ll need to come in for her test results.
Sharon calls doctor Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless Devon lets down his guard and Sharon gets health news.

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