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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily on Jack’s positive visit. Lily noticed Billy seemed lighter – she thought it was because of Amanda. Billy doesn’t know what she’s getting at but concedes he and Amanda trust each other. Lily suspects it’s more and has noticed their attraction. Billy denies he’ll cross any lines at work or with Nate, then points out they have more history than he and Amanda do.

In her suite, Amanda calls Devon and arranges to meet him at Society.

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Chelsea calls Adam from the ranch to assure him they’ll get him through this. Adam tells her he’ll be gone when she arrives but won’t say where he’s going. Victor overhears and wonders if Sharon can get through to him. Chelsea snaps that she’ll get him through this, not her. After, Nikki joins Victor and touches on the call from Dan at Newman before talk turns to Adam taking off. Victor has no clue where he’ll go. Nikki wants to focus on Connor, who could be emotionally scarred for life.
Victor, Nikki discuss Adam leaving Y&R

In the penthouse, Chelsea realizes Adam’s not home and tries calling his cellphone.

At Sharon’s door, Adam ignores Chelsea’s call. He knocks. Noah answers and says he shouldn’t be there. Inside, Noah, who’s in town for a few days, questions Sharon dealing with Adam’s never-ending issues. He rants about him distracting from her cancer battle and asks, “Don’t you have enough on your conscience?” Sharon appears. Noah exits and Adam tells Sharon he can’t stay with Chelsea and Connor while he’s falling apart – he must be alone. He promises to check in with Sharon, who pushes to know where he’ll go. Adam swears her to absolute secrecy, before texting her the address of his motel. Noah reappears to show Adam out and lectures him about seeking help from someone else and warns him to stay away. Adam respects him protecting his mother and won’t show up again. Later, Noah questions Sharon pushing her limits for Adam.
Noah rants at Adam Y&R

At Society, Devon notices Amanda’s nervous. She explains it’s personal and asks what day Hilary was born. She reveals the rare blood type connection and explains she’s not certain of her date of birth. Child services guesstimated July 2. Devon exhales – Hilary’s was July 1. Amanda asks if he’d be willing to help her find the truth and apologetically asks for something of Hilary’s. Devon is understanding, but wants to think about it. Amanda will give Nate her DNA sample…if Devon decides to participate he can give Hilary’s item to him. If he chooses not to, she won’t bother him about it again. Once alone, Devon looks at a photo of him and Hilary while thinking.
Devon meets with Amanda Y&R

Chelsea returns to the ranch and rants that Adam’s gone and took a suitcase. She blames Sharon, and Victor, who told him about the childhood trauma. Vic reminds her Adam blamed him for the murder. Nikki’s irked when Chelsea suggests Victor should have left it at that and asks if it was really worth shattering Adam’s life so Victoria could hang onto a job. When she accuses Victor of not being there for Adam, Nikki snaps, “That is enough!” This is Chelsea’s greed and lust for power coming back to bite her and references her ‘cold little grifter’ heart. Chelsea declares she won’t bring Connor there anymore and storms out. Victor thinks something has to be done to protect the boy.

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At Chance Comm, Billy catches Amanda taking a DNA test. She may be looking for an identical twin sister. Billy agrees to keep it quiet, and despite the blood type questions, “Why now?” Irritated, Amanda clarifies Nate’s not pushing her into this – he doesn’t get to weigh in on their relationship. She’s incensed he used this personal thing to get a dig in at Nate and accuses him of being jealous. Billy thinks she should slow down. Amanda reminds him they agreed not to act on ‘whatever this is’.

Adam enters his motel room, paces, then settles on the bed.

Next on The Young and the Restless Devon makes an admission, and Nick defends his relationship.

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