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At Sharon’s place, she and Rey bicker about whether or not going to Kansas was too taxing for her. Sharon’s just worried about Adam. She takes a call from Victor, asking about Adam, but she can’t divulge information. After, Rey goes over his concerns while she was in the farmhouse in Kansas. Sharon reminds him he was her back-up. Rey doesn’t want to be her back-up, he wants to be her partner. He surmises Adam’s memories have to do with a crime and wants to bring justice. Sharon’s appalled and insists he just drop it. They argue some more. Rey wants her to re-evaluate whether this stress and effort for Adam is worth it. Sharon’s exasperated. Rey questions what she’s gotten herself into and where it goes from here. Sharon made a commitment to Adam and will see it through to the end no matter what. Rey snaps he’ll be at work until late. He doesn’t understand why Adam can’t let someone else save him, but more importantly, why can’t she?

Adam arrives at the penthouse after a walk. Chelsea wonders if he feels better after remembering the truth. Adam shakes his head – she doesn’t understand; this isn’t going away. Chelsea warns him to stop obsessing and focus on how to keep his family together – everything he needs is right here. Once alone, Adam has flashbacks to Hope and Victor talking about Adam’s calm reaction to killing AJ and the need to watch over him in the future. Chelsea reappears and Adam declares he’s a monster. Chelsea argues he was protecting his mother. He’s not the villain – why can’t he see that? Adam insists if Connor killed someone she would be scared to death! Chelsea would know he never meant for someone to die. Adam barks, “I did. I wanted that man dead.” He recalls covering up Delia’s death. Chelsea pleads that he never meant to hurt Delia or kill AJ. Adam’s unconvinced as Chelsea insists he’s turning this into something it’s not and warns him not to push her away.
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Jack visits Billy at Chance Comm to ‘hang’. Jack’s surprised Victoria sold to Billy. Billy confirms they’re in a better place, but thinks it was more thanks to Victor being an ass to his daughter. Talk turns to Theo. Billy admits he wasn’t sure about the kid, but thinks he could be a good influence. Jack grins – he’s impressed and thinks Billy’s found his path. He’s proud of him, for what that’s worth. Billy replies, “It’s worth a lot, big brother.” They switch gears to Jabot and Dina. Jack relays that she managed to impart some good advice – she wants him to find love again. He asks Billy to keep an open mind to finding someone as well. Billy tells Jack it was a ‘good hang’ as he leaves. Later, Billy reads a press release about Amanda.
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At the ranch, Victoria enters as Victor disconnects from Sharon. She’s brought the kids over, but doesn’t think they have anything to say to one another. Victor disagrees and asks her to sit. He’s gone over the numbers and admits the sales were good deals – her other good decision was promoting Nikki to COO – they still have common ground, but their big issue is Adam. Victoria warns they’ll never agree about Victor protecting him. Victor pleads; he’s his son, his flesh and blood. Victoria complains about the rest of them becoming collateral damage – Victor made his choice. She walks out.
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At Jabot, Jack contemplates sending flowers to Victor, before deciding to send them to Dina with a card that says, ‘Love above all else.’

The penthouse doorbell rings. Adam opens the door to Victor.

Next on The Young and the Restless Nikki issues a warning to Chelsea.

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