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In Theo’s suite, he’s ordered a bunch of breakfast selections and worries about Lola as it’s the first time she spent the night with anyone other than Kyle. Lola reassures him she’s just fine and asks that he help find her bra.

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At the Abbott mansion, Traci ask a dishevelled Jack if he’s just now getting home. He grins, but admits he was brainstorming business ideas and fell asleep at his desk at Jabot. Traci’s glad to see him energized. They go over Dina’s home movies and John’s words. Jack vows to find balance in his life. Later, Theo chats with Jack after visiting Dina. Jack’s thrilled to hear he got the job with Billy over at Chancellor Media. They discuss Dina and the home movie she led them to find. Jack shares John’s message about the importance of finding love with Theo. Later, Jack tells Traci that they’re all missing that important thing in their lives. He’s decided not to settle anymore and to stop blaming Dina for his mistakes. Jack chokes up over being alone, but something tells him the best is yet to come.
Jack disheveled Y&R

At Society, Mariah enters as Kyle and Summer are house-hunting. Mariah’s irked they’re looking for a love nest on Lola’s turf. Kyle reports she’s not there and Summer snarks about her eavesdropping. Mariah reminds them to think about the person who got crushed when their dream came true. After, Mariah finds Lola in the kitchen, who confesses she came in through the back, and admits she spent the night with Theo, who landed his dream job. Mariah learns Lola had ‘so much fun’ and questions it. Lola reveals sex was her call…she wanted it and enjoyed it, though still not comfortable with casual sex. Mariah urges her to talk to Theo. In the lounge, Kyle worries to Summer that Lola’s still hurting over him. Summer still thinks it’s not Mariah’s business. Talk circles to Lola seeing Theo. Kyle believes he’s not worthy of her, and insists they tone it down in front of her. When Mariah returns, Summer assures her there will be no more discussions of house-hunting. Lola hears and mentions it to Kyle when Summer leaves, assuring him she’s fine. Lola lets him know she’s moving on as well and having a little fun. Meanwhile, Mariah stops Theo entering and warns him what Lola just learned. She plays dumb when he asks if Lola mentioned anything about him. At the bar, Lola informs Kyle she doesn’t want updates on him and Summer. “I don’t care!” She joins Theo, who claims he’s hungry. She laughs, “Like hell.” Nearby, Mariah chastises Kyle. Lola goes to the kitchen, where Theo asks what she’s feeling about Kyle. She’s angry when he suggests last night may have been more rebound than she thought. Theo doesn’t think it’s him she’s angry with. Lola snaps, “Stop trying to tell me how I feel.” Theo goes.
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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis warns Nick she’s about to inject some excitement into his life with her big news. It turns out she has loads of memberships for her Escape Club – everyone wants to be part of something exclusive. Nick chuckles as she pats herself on the back for flawlessly executing it. She adds she couldn’t have done it without him. They flirt and Nick follows her upstairs. Upstairs, after sex, Phyllis thanks Nick for believing in her and not giving up on her. As a big spender signs up for the club, Phyllis enthuses. Nick wonders if Nikki signed on. Phyllis teases no one needs escape more than Victor’s wife. Nick confides he clashed with his dad about focusing on Adam, which irks Phyllis. They debate whether should cut his father off again. Phyllis reluctantly concedes she admires how Abby’s created her own life. She wonders why he looks out for everyone else and doesn’t protect himself. After more talk they decide to have sex again.
Phyllis, Nick talk Y&R

In the park, Kyle suggests they find a real estate agent, but Summer has a better idea.

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