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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse as Adam wakes up. He’s frustrated that his memories aren’t coming back. She says he can’t rush it and assures him he will be okay. After he falls back to sleep, he has bad memories and wakes up, telling her that he’s started to remember. Leaping up, he declares that he has to see Sharon and rushes out.

At Sharon’s, she thanks Rey for breakfast in bed. He says she’s getting strong enough and she won’t need anyone to look after her soon. He tells her to take the day off and relax. She’s eager to get back to work with Adam but promises to take it easy. Before he can leave, he makes her promise to stay on the couch and relax. Moments after he’s gone, Adam barges in and says that he’s got memories coming back. She gets him to slow down. He’s distraught and begs for help. As they sit on the couch, she gets him to walk through his memories again. He can remember being under the table as a young child (played by Dane West) while AJ threatened his mom. Adam gets livid as he remembers lashing out at AJ and then runs out Sharon’s door.

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Amanda and Nate are having breakfast at Society. She’s not used to being awake this early. He’s already late for work and leaves.

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Devon drops by the clinic to see Elena. They make out. After he leaves, Nate arrives and they chat about his breakfast with Amanda.

Devon finds Amanda at Society and they chat about her new job. He talks about how much Katherine would enjoy her tenaciousness. They discuss Lily and he gets nostalgic about Neil. The topic turns to Nate and then to Hilary. She apologizes for bringing up Hilary. They laugh about that. It gets a little awkward as he repeatedly insists that he’s happily taken, not an eligible bachelor. He hopes that Nate will find happiness too.

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Victoria wanders into Crimson Lights. She runs into Billy and they discuss her father and then their daughter. This quickly turns into them bickering and he walks out. Later, Chelsea meets with Rey to talk about Adam. She admits that she’s not comfortable with Adam working with Sharon and guesses he isn’t either. He claims that it doesn’t bother him and is determined to support her choices. She’s worried that Sharon has set something in motion. Rey looks worried when she points out that Sharon and Adam are alone together right now. Chelsea doesn’t think that either of them have a healthy perspective when they are together.

Victoria is at her office when Billy calls to say their daughter has been stung by a bee and seems to be having an allergic reaction. She runs out.

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Victoria joins Billy at the clinic. After she checks with Nate, she returns and Billy tells her how hard it was to see Katie being unable to breathe. The parents talk about their daughter. Victoria admits she’s already given up on being mad at Billy. She’s started to accept who they are instead of who she thought they could be. After they leave, Nate and Elena congratulate themselves on what a great job they’ve done. She doesn’t think there are enough people in the world like him.

Rey returns to Sharon’s and can see that she’s upset. She admits she’s concerned about Adam because he’s in a bad place. He worries that she’s too close to this and should let Chelsea take care of Adam. Chelsea shows up. Adam has disappeared. Sharon can’t tell her anything, which irritates Chelsea, who leaves to find him.

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