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At Grand Phoenix, Abby overhears Phyllis talking about something important on the phone. She writes something down and Abby rushes over to read it. ‘Stop snooping Abby’ is on the notepad. They clash as the blonde assumes Phyllis has dug herself a financial hole. Phyllis can’t deal with Abby’s smugness and says she can find out when everyone else does. Later, Phyllis finds Abby again and baits that she’s more motivated to win as Abby lacks drive because of her money. Abby calls her obnoxious and reminds her she left the family business because the Newmans didn’t take her seriously and she’s crushed it on her own. She invites Phyllis to continue underestimating her – it feeds her fire.

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle tries to rush away from Nick, who orders him to sit down. Kyle sweats until Nick laughs about nailing him with the ‘angry dad’ thing, though they do need to talk. Kyle has time now and reveals he and Summer have decided on an open relationship – they stay committed to each other but can pursue other connections. Nick fumes and is about to put him through the wall. Kyle grins, “Gotcha’!” After, he assures Nick he’ll protect Summer and never wants to hurt someone like he did Lola again. Kyle had feelings for Summer throughout his marriage and knows they belong together. He thinks they’ve waited their whole lives for the right time to be together and this is it. Nick asks if it’s truly over with Lola. There’s only one woman in Kyle’s heart – Summer.
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At Society, Lola can’t get Theo’s attention as he’s distracted and waiting to hear from Chancellor Media. He enthuses about the job – the best part would be knowing he did it on his own; Theo wants to do something meaningful with his life. Talk turns to Lola’s career – she realized she wants to make a name and a life for herself in Genoa City. When Theo hints he’d leave town if he doesn’t get the job, Lola’s put out. Theo feels like a jerk and asks, “Forgive me?” Lola doesn’t have to and is positive he’ll get the job. Theo soaks up someone having faith in him.

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At Chancellor Media, Amanda updates Billy that Lily texted that she’s all in on hiring Theo. Billy wants to hold off on writing up the contract – Theo reminds him of himself. Amanda doesn’t see it as a bad thing and pushes to hire Theo. They go back and forth, and she chides, “I thought you were a risk-taker.” Billy asks about Ripley’s upcoming trial. She hopes he never sees the light of day again and still feels bad about Victoria being stabbed. Billy feels responsible for what happened that night. They discuss their friendship, which Amanda enjoyed. She gets a text from Nate replies. After, Billy thanks Amanda for the talk – he knows what to do about Theo.
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Kyle spots Theo at Society and hopes his Chancellor job works out. He’d put in a good word with Billy, but suspects he wants to do this on his own. Kyle walks off and Theo’s phone rings – it’s Billy. At the bar, Kyle tells Lola the divorce will be finalized soon. He wishes her luck – even with Theo. Lola won’t let anyone hurt her like Kyle did ever again. After Kyle leaves, Lola approaches Theo, who marvels, “I got it. I’m in!” They realize he’s going to be busy but agree to go on a date.

At Chancellor Media, Billy thanks Amanda again and tells her she’s in charge – Lily’s in meetings and he’s off to spend the night with the kids.

Nick arrives at Grand Phoenix as Abby storms off, and Phyllis has an assignment for him.

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