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At Sharon’s place, Rey tells Sharon that Adam had a lot of nerve showing up there. Sharon reminds him she texted Adam to come over and explains he had a traumatic experience as a child. Rey smirks, realizing he wants Sharon’s help and calls him self-centered. Sharon argues she’s in a unique position to help Adam. Rey thinks he’ll use her and let her place his needs above her own. Sharon understands where his concerns come from. Rey insists he’s not jealous. Sharon asks Rey to trust her to protect herself and set her own boundaries. Rey won’t drop it – this isn’t a random person that came to her. He’s convinced Adam won’t think about the toll it will take on her and asks, “Is it worth it?” Sharon’s weighed the pros and cons and knows how to avoid the pitfalls with Adam. Rey won’t fight her on it – if she needs someone to lean on, he’s there.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea’s unhappy that Adam turned to Sharon – there are others out there that specialize in memory retrieval. Adam argues she already knows his history. Chelsea understands they have a connection but is dismayed he went behind her back. Adam didn’t want to bring it up unless it was a possibility. Chelsea shouts, “This is what you two do, it’s what you’ve always done. This is why it would be a mistake!” Adam reassures Chelsea she’s the woman he loves. She can’t imagine how Rey took the news. Chelsea learns he would have kept her in the dark if Sharon hadn’t insisted he tell her. Adam has to get to the bottom of this so he can be the best husband and father he can be. He wants Chelsea’s support. Chelsea thinks going down this road will backfire. Talk turns to Hope. Chelsea thinks she’d want him to be free of this. Adam can’t be happy with this hanging over him. Chelsea suggests starting over elsewhere. Adam disagrees – running away isn’t the answer – but if she doesn’t want him to do this, he won’t. Chelsea informs him nothing good can come of it. “It’s not what you need.”

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Kyle spots Lola at Society and welcomes her home. In the foyer, Theo tells someone by phone he doesn’t want ‘them’ to know what’s coming. He’s glad to have the person on board and promises to take care of them. Meanwhile, Kyle asks Lola about Miami. She relays that it wasn’t fun. By the door, Mariah greets Theo and asks him to let Lola settle back in. Theo walks over and holds his arms wide, “Welcome home, Lola!” She grins. They go to the kitchen and Mariah tells Kyle she and Theo had a conversation about his firing, and she saw the other side of him. Kyle feels things could improve between them now…even if he’s with Lola. In the kitchen, Theo confesses about pitching Jack’s idea and Lola laughs. She’s intrigued to hear he confided in Mariah about it. Theo says a new door opened and he could hear her voice in his head. “I really missed you.” She missed him too and reveals her trip was a total disaster – she cut her losses with the restaurant. She had to let that dream go to focus on a new one. In the lounge, Mariah talks to Kyle about the uncertainty of Sharon’s situation and relays Tessa’s been amazing. She asks about Summer and Kyle says their relationship has been great personally and professionally. Mariah ‘might’ be happy to have her around; she’s been great with Faith. Theo appears, texts Billy to meet, and Kyle approaches. Kyle wants to make amends and put aside the hostility that built up – they’re still family. Theo muses, “Family’s forever.” After, Theo tells Lola that he thinks Kyle apologized. He gets a text back from Billy and is excited. Lola urges, “Go get him!” Kyle watches their exchange and tells Mariah he’ll always care about Lola – he’s relieved to see her getting over the split.
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At Grand Phoenix, Nick lets Phyllis into her suite. He’s running her a bath and she smells essential oils. He’s got bath salts and candles and Phyllis gushes he’s off to a great start. Once she’s in a bathrobe, Nick sends her a link to a video game about dinosaur bones. “Pick your fighter.” They trash-talk as they play on their phones. Phyllis wins and hollers. After a delicious dinner and dessert, she tells Nick he nailed the ‘perfect escape’. Now she knows her idea has merit. She wants the Grand Phoenix to have a special private club to cater to escapism for women. ‘The Grand Phoenix Escape Club’ is what she’ll call it. Nick likes it – he loves seeing her passionate and excited; it’s sexy as hell.
Phyllis new venture Y&R

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