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At the penthouse, Adam declines to go with Chelsea to the ranch to pick up Connor. They agree to talk later.

Abby arrives at Grand Phoenix where Phyllis goes on about how peaceful it is without the construction noise. Abby knows she’s responsible for the bones and warns her victory won’t last long. Phyllis thinks the bones will hold things up for a while. Abby will wait for Phyllis to self-destruct, then she’ll swoop in and take over. Phyllis alludes to a new venture but won’t divulge details. Chance enters and Abby joins him. He’s concerned about the CEO switch at Newman. Abby’s dismayed to realize he’s worried about Adam.
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At the ranch, Victor asks Chelsea about Adam. She shares he’s still in shock and is overwhelmed. Victor wants her to let him know his father’s thinking about him. Chelsea will help him get through this. Victor’s pleased they’re on the same side and reflects that his biggest regret was letting Hope convince him to let Adam grow up in Kansas without his father. He urges Chelsea to keep pressing Adam to move forward and not look back.

Adam arrives at Sharon’s place, where Rey opens the door. Sharon says, “Let him in please,” and explains Adam needs her help. Rey leaves them to talk after warning Adam not to overstay. Sharon apologizes for Nick yesterday and knows Adam needs support. Adam doesn’t care about that; he cares about her. He regrets not realizing she wasn’t feeling well. “I know about the cancer and the surgery, Nick told me.” Sharon tears up and fills him in on her situation. Adam’s stunned it’s been going on for a while. Sharon chose to only tell a few people – she would have told him yesterday. She assures him she has everything she needs to beat this and wants to talk about him. Adam’s reluctant, but Sharon urges him to open up. Adam concedes it’s been rough. They go over him not being able to remember causing a man’s death. She asks if he recalls anything after the fact. Adam thought it was strange they didn’t go to AJ’s funeral. He shares that Chelsea thinks he’s better off not remembering. “What do you think, Sharon?” She feels it will keep eating away at him unless he gets his memories back. Sharon knows the technique to retrieve repressed memories and suggests a few trial sessions. Adam doesn’t want to tell Chelsea, but Sharon insists she be told due to their history. Adam will consider it.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Nick that Adam’s at the house with Sharon. Nick’s irked. Rey thought he was out of their lives. Nick says Adam always comes back. Rey recaps that they broke up over him last time. He’s not jealous but worries that whatever Adam needs, she won’t be able to refuse – Adam’s completely self-centered. Nick agrees he should be the last person around Sharon, but she has a big heart and will want to be there for him.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria calls someone to get together as soon as possible. Soon, Jack arrives. He’s intrigued. Jack asks about Victor’s missing portrait. Victoria says Adam moved it to the boardroom. Jack’s delighted she’s feeling better but doesn’t believe Adam graciously stepped down. “What’s going on with you two and Victor?” Victoria says that information’s on a need-to-know basis. Jack grins and hopes the day of the rotating CEOs are over. Vikki has a strong vision and has something to run by him. After hearing her plan, Jack’s blown away and impressed. He’d be nuts to turn down such a mutually beneficial arrangement. Victoria’s pleased. She wants to announce her return in a big way, and adds, “You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this.”
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Nick joins Phyllis at the hotel where talk turns to the musical chairs at Newman Enterprises. Nick doesn’t want to discuss it. Phyllis conveys she’s trying to figure out what the perfect escape day for a woman would be. Nick can show her. He invites her to come up to her suite in a while and have her mind blown. Upstairs, Chance is frustrated that Adam’s not returning his messages and wishes it wasn’t a sore point between him and Abby. Chance will be there if he needs a friend since he saved his life. Abby argues he’s reverted back to form since realizing he was Adam Newman – the man he knew in Vegas doesn’t exist, but she won’t judge if Chance reaches out. Chance appreciates her looking out for him.

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Chelsea returns to the penthouse where Adam tells her he went to see Sharon. He asked her to help him regain his memories. Chelsea warns pursuing this will be one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made.

Rey arrives at home and Sharon says they need to discuss her conversation about Adam.

Next on The Young and the Restless Rey’s suspicious, and a truce is reached.

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