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Sharon awakens on the sofa at home. She’s sore from surgery. Faith and Rey tell her she was repeating ‘bleep’ cancer in her sleep. Sharon wants to help Faith with her book report, so the girl heads upstairs to get Little Women. Victoria arrives and asks how Sharon’s doing. Rey interjects that she’s beat, but Sharon wants Vikki to stay. Once alone, Victoria offers an ear if Sharon needs to talk. Sharon brings her up to speed on her procedures and playing a waiting game before resuming chemo. Victoria questions if she’s holding back and Sharon claims she’s not. Talk turns to Adam. Victoria relays he’s not in the CEO position any longer and has his own worries now. Rey reappears and Victoria goes. Sharon naps.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea wants to go meet George from Kansas in Adam’s place. He asks, “Don’t you trust me?” Chelsea does but worries he’s still coming to terms with losing his position at Newman and wants to send George home. They debate and Adam insists he knows what he’s doing – the truth will change everything.
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In Society, Victor phones George and asks him to return his call before speaking with Adam. By the door, Jack grins at a text from Jill asking him to fly out and join her on the beach. He joins Kyle and Summer, who reassures him about Jabot. Jack’s been trying to be a good son. Kyle and Summer decide to go see Dina. Jack joins Victor at the bar and will ‘suffer his company’ in honor of Katherine’s dedication. As Victor’s brooding, Jack asks, “What has Adam done now?” They spar verbally about sons and Victor snarks about Kyle having broken his granddaughter’s heart twice. Jack suggests it’s time for Victor to finally give up on a relationship with Adam. Victor complains about Jack using Adam to get back at him. Jack shrugs that it was a good shot to take. He thinks Kyle has tools that Adam doesn’t have and worries that Adam spending time around Victor is dangerous – it’s in their DNA.
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At the Chancellor estate, Kevin’s besieged by texts from Chloe, who is upstairs with heartburn. Esther rushes in, breathless. She needs his help right now. After checking on her daughter, Esther’s taken to task by Kevin over the giant pirate ship playset outside. He details her excessive spending and Esther admits she’s trying to make up for not giving Chloe a father. Later, Kevin assures Esther she’s a good mom and Tiny not being around isn’t ideal, but his father was terrible, and it makes him worry he’ll mess up with his son. Esther tells Kevin he’s a wonderful man. Kevin promises Esther she did an incredible job with Chloe.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle finds Dina’s favorite song in hopes of getting through to her in the next room, then returns to tell Summer she was upset. He thinks something’s wrong and calls Jack.

At Society, Jack disconnects from Kyle and recaps that Adam is toxic to Victor and advises him to walk away. Victor doesn’t want his advice – he has no idea what he’s dealing with.

Adam brings George from Kansas into the penthouse. Chelsea looks uncomfortable as Adam brings up Alyssa Montalvo and asks about her father AJ’s ‘complicated’ death. George wonders when Victor’s getting there. Adam explains he’s not coming and resumes his line of questioning. He shares Victor’s claim that he killed Montalvo as a kid and wants the truth. George doesn’t want any part of it and becomes agitated. Adam gets a call from Connor, who is upset about soccer and calms him. After, George is moved and recalls Hope once worried about Adam the same way. George thinks Adam knows the truth about Montalvo deep down and talks about Victor and Hope wanting to shield him from the awful thing that happened. Later, Adam thinks Victor got to George, but Chelsea thinks he was sincere. Adam paces and tries to wrap his mind around it. He can’t fathom Victor keeping this secret all these years. Chelsea thinks he’s his father and loves him. Adam marvels that he killed a man and blocked it out. He needs to unlock that door but doesn’t know how.
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Sharon awakens from her nap to a knock. She calls, “Come in.” It’s Adam, distressed, who says, “Sharon I need your help. And it can’t wait.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack has checked on Dina and relays to Kyle and Summer that she is definitely upset and said the strangest thing. “Bixley,” he puzzles. None of them know what it could mean.

Next on The Young and the Restless the Abbott family’s checkered past arises, and Nikki’s attempt to make peace backfires.

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