Victor tells Chelsea he was protecting Adam at ranch Young and Restless
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At the penthouse, Adam is frustrated as he keeps combing through evidence to clear his name. Chelsea doesn’t think he’ll find what he’s looking for. He vents about his father until she leaves to run some errands. Adam sends texts to Alyssa who informs him that she’s left town and he should leave the past in the past.

Chelsea confronts Victor about Adam at ranch Young and Restless

At the Newman ranch, Victor calls Adam and leaves a message apologizing for telling him the truth. Soon, Chelsea arrives. She says what he did to his son was psychological torture. Victor insists that he was trying to protect him from reality. Chelsea has some questions. He gets her to sit down and explains why Hope agreed to go along with his plan. It was hard on her. Chelsea needs someone to corroborate all this. He explains that George, the farm’s caretaker, was there and helped in the coverup. Before she can leave, he urges her to stay by his son’s side because he needs help.

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Abby turns down Nick's offer at Grand Phoenix Young and Restless

Nate wanders into the Grand Phoenix and finds Amanda trying to focus on work. He distracts her. They discuss her new job and she admits that she told someone he was amazing. He offers her a date, but she’s busy reviewing contracts. Across the room, Nick wanders in and joins Chance and Abby to discuss making a deal for some property. She thinks this is insane and doesn’t want to reward Phyllis for her bad behavior.

Elena and Devon are happy at Society Young and Restless

Devon and Elena go to Society and talk about him giving out a scholarship. They sit down and talk about all his losses. He hopes Neil would be proud of him. She admits that Devon has broken down her barriers and he says she’s brought his life hope. They go on about how happy they are until Nate calls from the clinic and asks for help. Devon urges her to go and she hurries off.

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Phyllis tells Summer she is with Nick at Crimson Lights Young and Restless

Summer joins Phyllis at Crimson Lights. They chat about ousting Theo and then Phyllis asks her to sit down. Phyllis announces that she and Nick are back together. Her father is fine with that. Resisting would be futile, so she won’t bother to protest. Besides, she just wants her mom to be happy. After Phyllis heads out, Nick arrives, and his daughter assures him he won’t be getting any attitude from her.

Chelsea returns to the penthouse and Adam gives her an update on Alyssa. He’s determined to get answers from George now. She wonders if he really wants to do that. Part of her is wishing they never started this. He assures her it will be alright and calls George, inviting him to Genoa City.

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Phyllis arrives at the Grand Phoenix and tells Amanda to try enjoying life instead of being a workaholic. Phyllis joins Nick in a room upstairs. They both think they stopped the construction noise. She explains she planted some ‘fossils’ before calling them to have it shut down. Nick’s flustered and says this will cost more than a box of bones. He explains that he offered to give Abby a building. She thinks that’s amazing and sexy. They have sex. Meanwhile, down the hall, Abby and Chance go to a room. Abby admits that Nick’s offer is good but sticking it to Phyllis is too enjoyable. He suggests she put her energy into something else. They have sex until the construction noise stops. She gets a call about the site being shut down. Chance admires her taking this well.

Elena and Nate are at the clinic talking about how hard they work. She admires how good he is with kids, just like Devon. He tells her to go back to her date. Moments later, Amanda shows up. She’s realized there is more to life than work. That sounds like a good surprise to him.

Elena goes back to Society before Devon can leave.

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