Michael gets Lauren from bed to see the baby. Nurse Felicia meets with Lauren and the two stare lovingly at the baby. Both Lauren and Michael have tears flowing down their cheeks as Lauren apologizes to her son that she couldn't be there for him and tells him how special and beautiful he is.

In his office, Jack and Nikki discuss Lauren and Michael's baby as they reminisce about the baby they lost. They move on to chat about Mr. Kim and Jack's late night meeting after his food poisoning. Nikki tells Jack that Victor and she have gotten closer because of the issues with Victor's epilepsy. She feels that, "Victor has changed; he's not the man they used to call 'Ruthless'!"

In the hallway, Victor meets with Mr. Kim, after he sends Zapato home to Miguel. The two go for tea and Mr. Kim shares plans to return the company into a profit making empire once again. Mr. Kim shares that Jack has nothing but good to say about him and Victor conveys to him how Jack surprises him more and more every day!

Billy leaves Crimson Lights as Jana agrees to meet him at the mansion after she discusses work with Kevin. They need to hire someone else as one of their staff quit. Kevin acts nonchalant as she tells him she is going with Billy to see his house, but does correct her, calling it his grandmother's mansion!

Jack and Nikki meet with Mr. Kim, while Victor goes off to talk to Katherine. Mr. Kim leaves as the two discuss him. They like him and feel Jabot is in good hands.

In his office, Victor asks Katherine about how when she refused to sell Jabot to Jack, he pulled a fast one on her, trying to purchase it secretly. Victor laughs at the person who would try to cross her and wishes he'd let go of this issue. She shares how Mr. Kim came to be interested in Jabot. (Raaz Cosmetics and Mr. Kim were overseas rivals) She explains they're both outstanding companies.

Jana arrives at the mansion, Esther takes her coat and the two start their tour where he introduces her to Jill. They threesome talk about how it is amazing that Jill went from being a manicurist to being CEO of a large conglomerate, and Jana explains how her mother was obsessed with the Royal Family, and now she reads all she can in the society papers! She asks Jill many questions about her accent, her life being married to many people and after she goes off to work, the two discuss her own life. She worked as a photographer previously and resides in a camper by the lake. She tells him they live very different lives, thinking he has a silver spoon in his mouth. Jana asks him about his dating history and he shares that he dates around but there hasn't been someone in some time. He discourages her from dating Kevin, with whom he calls a 'nutjob', but she thinks people can change.

Jana meets Katherine, who welcomes her into their home. She asks them to join them for dinner. Unfortunately, she must go back to work. She asks them about a dragon piece of theirs. They're impressed with her knowledge and she shares that she studied a bit at home. She apologizes for rushing off and tells them it was lovely meeting them. Billy goes to kiss her goodbye, but she puts on her helmet and dashes off!

After she leaves, Katherine tells Billy and Jill that she is a well educated woman, not the bohemian she will have everyone believe! Billy finds that attractive.

Back at Crimson Lights, Kevin updates Ashley on the baby as Gloria comes by. Ashley takes a seat and Gloria mumbles that Ashley is selfish. She doesn't think she truly cares about the baby.

Ashley asks when Gloria will be back to the office. She explains that Mr. Kim wants to know when production will begin on her bracelet. Gloria accuses her of wanting to sabotage her and lashes out that her father wouldn't be proud of how they have treated her. Ashley tells her, "Keep your mealy mouth shut!"

Jana arrives back to work to tell Kevin that hanging out with Billy was okay, but the mansion was incredible. Kevin pokes fun at Billy because he is superficial and arrogant and Kevin is modest and deep! She smiles and kisses him, telling him she is not interested in 'Master William'.

In the NICU, Michael admits that there were times when he thought he would lose them both. They talk baby names, throwing out Brutus and Poindexter jokingly then are surprised when the baby's heart rate starts beeping.

Gloria and Kevin arrive at the hospital just as Michael and Lauren are told to wait in the waiting room. They're upset to find out from the nurse that the baby's lungs are still not fully developed,so issues will crop up. They're again told that minor setbacks do not necessarily mean that the baby will always have issues with his lungs.

Back in her hospital bed, Lauren and Michael are happy to see flowers from Nikki and Victor and the doctor releases her from the hospital tonight! She is upset when she finds out the baby has to stay in intensive care for a while and tells him not to bother discharging her!

Later, the two go into see the baby again, going through names like Robert, William, and Michael comments on how good it is to see her laugh before he realizes he's got it! Fenmore! They call him "Fen" for short! Fenmore Michael Baldwin! They like it!

In his office, Victor and Nikki discuss Mr. Kim, who she sees as charming. She does tell Victor that although Jack has been extremely professional, she does worry about how he is taking the purchase of Jabot. After Nikki leaves, Victor does an internet search on 'House of Kim'.

Back at Jabot, Mr. Kim says a quick hello to Ashley as she rushes to Jack's office. Ashley enters Jacks' office, and demands him to fire Gloria. He can't because of "Dad's ghost came to me and do the right thing by Gloria or else!" Jack tells her that John followed him to Antigua and shares what happens during the visits and how he's furious with Jack. She tells him this is not logical, and Jack asks her not to mock him. She thinks it's all him - feeling guilty for what he has done, not their dad, haunting him!

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