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Bryton James introduces a classic episode which may be confusing to some newer viewers. Because of that, is writing storyline synopses to keep everyone up to date. This week features Katherine Chancellor, and today, Katherine stages her own intervention. We’ll also see Daniel learn Danny’s not his biological father, and Drucilla tries to keep Devon away from Lily.

In Phyllis’ living room, Daniel asks if Danny knows he’s not his father. Phyllis confirms he does. She says Daniel’s paternity was a secret Christine and Danny were hellbent on keeping from him. Phyllis was banished from his life and couldn’t raise him, and blames Christine. Daniel asks who his father is. Phyllis explains she got pregnant very young and the man didn’t want kids. She tells Daniel how she fell for Danny. Daniel deduces she slept with Danny then lied that he was his son. Phyllis knew Danny would be an excellent father. She recaps their past bliss until Chris ruined everything. Daniel agrees that Chris played God with his life and feels Danny did too. Phyllis wants a relationship with him. Daniel needs time to think.
Phyllis tells Daniel the truth Young and Restless

At the Chancellor Estate, Katherine welcomes a stunned group to her intervention party. Jill barks, “What is this all about?” Katherine’s not interested in getting sober, but is pleased Brock is there. Everyone gapes as she toasts them. Brock tells his mother it’s breaking his heart to see her making the same mistakes again. Arthur Hendricks recalls falling in love with her, but says, “You’re an out-of-control alcoholic.” Lauren agrees; the person they loved has disappeared. Liz leans in to chastise her, but Katherine’s still unbothered. Lauren gets emotional about losing her, and Katherine shrugs it off. Brock storms out. Jill asks Kay if she’s willing to give up bonding as mother and daughter. Katherine laughs that she’ll outlive all of them as Mac arrives. Brock greets his daughter and Katherine pleads for a hug. Mac tells her grandmother they’re trying to save her life. She cries that she’ll walk away from her if she continues to destroy her life.
Brock, Katherine intervention Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Brad and Ashley tell John that $75 million would do the company a world of good. John complains that what Victor’s doing is extortion. He doesn’t know how he’ll tell Jack he’s no longer wanted there. Jack enters in a good mood and ready to work. John looks grim as Jack makes a pitch. Brad and Ashley reveal they were discussing Victor’s offer. Jack can’t believe they’re considering accepting…with his stipulation. John cautions they’ve made no decisions yet, but Jack, not unsupported, quits. Later, John tells Jack he’d rather go broke than do this, but Jack says Jabot needs Newman’s money more than it needs him right now. John is angry and decides he’ll turn Victor down. Jack says that would be dumb. John always dreamed that Jack would carry on for him. Jack coaxes a smile from his dad, and they embrace before he exits carrying his box. “Someday, some way, I’ll be back Dad. I promise.”
John, Jack talk at Jabot Young and Restless

At the rec center, Drucilla arrives to see Devon, who wonders if she’s there to chew him out again. Dru explain her daughter has been through a lot and she doesn’t want Devon leading her down the wrong path. They debate about money Devon stole. Dru warns him to stay away from Lily. Devon didn’t ask her to lie to the cop. He knows Dru used to live on the streets and wonders where she gets off judging him. Dru touts hard work for getting her where she is. Devon calls her stuck up. Dru warns him away from Lily and threatens to call his social worker. Later, Lily shows up and Devon shouts at her to find herself another charity case. She’s stunned. After, a worker lets her know her mother paid Devon a visit.

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At Christine’s place, she and Danny discuss Daniel’s decision to see his mom. Danny knows Phyllis won’t be satisfied with one visit. Christine muses they have no control over what she’ll say to him, but feels Daniel has good judgment. Danny thinks Chris is amazing and proposes that he move in with her and Daniel. She believes it makes sense for all three of them. They kiss. After Danny leaves, Phyllis arrives to talk about Daniel.

At the Athletic Club, Danny greets Daniel, “Hey, Son.” Daniel tells him never to call him that again and confronts him about the lie that he’s his father.

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CBS will air another classic episode of Y&R featuring Katherine Chancellor as her intervention continues. Folks can watch daily on CBS. will not be recapping the classic episodes but instead, will be sharing articles about the characters and their storylines as these episodes go on for the duration of the quarantine.

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