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The Young and the Restless is pre-empted today and an episode featuring Katherine Chancellor from 1990 was broadcast. Below is a recap of this classic episode that predates Soaps.com’s days of recapping. For those looking for the latest new episode of Y&R, read the recap about Mariah and Theo calling a truce.

Doug Davidson introduces classic episodes that some new viewers may find confusing. Because of that, Soaps.com is writing storyline synopses to keep everyone up to date. This week features Katherine Chancellor – today she comes face to face with Marge Cotroke, Kay’s look-alike-and imposter. He explains we’ll also see Cassandra Rawlins, who he called, “nothing but trouble.”

In a room, Katherine tells Esther to keep her eye on her constantly. When she gives the nod, Esther’s to offer them coffee, find the fusebox and a heavy pan, pull the switch, then hit the imposter over the head as hard as she can. Esther worries she won’t be able to do it, but Katherine stresses it’s a matter of life and death. A knock is heard. Katherine and Esther come face to face with Marge, who says, “Damn. It looks like we were poured out of the same bottle of ketchup.” The old couple with Marge can’t tell the difference. Katherine and Marge square off as Kay calls her an imposter. They circle one another. Kay would like to see Marge in hell. Marge scoffs that Mrs. Chancellor has no couth. Katherine warns they won’t get away with this. Marge plans on staying on that “jillion-acre estate” and needles about Kay’s husband “Sexy Rexy.” Katherine looks ready to lunge, so Esther suggests coffee. In the kitchen, Esther enacts the plan, then returns to the dark living room and konks someone out. Outside, Katherine gets into the waiting car to return to the Chancellor estate.

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In the hospital, Leanna Love warns Jack that he’ll have to move fast, once Victor thinks he’s losing Nikki he pulls on that leash. Jack grumbles about the Mustache hooking women and using the children. They return to John’s bedside where Jack vows he’ll show Victor Newman you don’t step over his dad. Jabot’s a family business and he’ll find that out the hard way. Leanna guesses he thinks Nikki can help, that’s why he’s pursuing her. Jack can make Nikki happy and save his family at the same time. Later, John awakens, and Jack tells him he thinks he’s found a way to deal with the Black Knight. John warns against doing anything foolish. Jack says the company needs John. “Dad, don’t abandon us now.” John passes out again. Jack whispers that Victor will pay for this. He calls the ranch for Nikki, but Miguel says she’s out.
Jack talks to John hospital Young and Restless

In an office, Paul and Victor argue about how to protect Cassandra Rawlins. Victor thinks they have to get Adrian Hunter to show his true colors and alludes to the insurance money he stands to get if she dies. Paul feels they need to get someone in the house to protect her.
Paul worries about danger Young and Restless

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In their house, Adrian tells Cassandra he loves her. “What do you say we get married?” Cassandra can’t believe she’s hearing this. Adrian reminds her how much they love each other. Cassandra alludes to the mess she’s in. They share a passionate kiss. She’s moved by his offer but she has to tell him no. How can she let him marry a woman with no future? Adrian wants to help her fight the charges…as her husband. He casts doubt on her love for him. Cassandra reminds him they couldn’t honeymoon; she’s on house arrest. Adrian proposes again and she accepts.

At Nina Webster’s place, she canoodles with David Kimble – they’re going to have a wonderful life. David wants her, and picks her up to carry her to bed, but she stops him – Cricket’s sleeping upstairs. He can’t wait until they’re alone. Danny Romalotti arrives and embraces Nina. She introduces the rocker to David, who reveals he’s Nina’s fiancé. Nina calls Cricket downstairs and she and David slip out. Cricket appears and flies into Danny’s arms. She teases him about all the women he must be meeting on the road. He says none of them compare to her. Danny has so much to tell her. Later, Cricket wants to make the most of him being back in town.
Cricket grins Danny Young and Restless

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Nathan Hastings sneaks up on Amy Lewis at the studio and they dance. He’s missed her. She’s missed him too. Nathan’s pleased she’s back in town and thinks it must be fate. They move close and kiss, but she stops him from saying he loves her. She has something to tell him.
Amy, Nathan dance Young and Restless

Nathan arrives at his office, where Lynn notes he looks like he lost his best friend. Nathan reveals Amy’s leaving to take a job for Arizona. Nate and Lynn join Paul and Victor in the next room, and they fill them in on their suspicions about Adrian. Paul wants Nathan to get into the house and save Cassandra before Hunter makes his move. Victor warns Adrian is a professional killer. Nathan suggests getting two people in there; they’ll get in touch with Carl Williams.

Doug Davidson thanks everyone for watching and urges fans to tune in for the next classic episode.

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