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In Alyssa’s hotel suite, Victoria figures Victor threatened her and offers protection. Alyssa isn’t scared, she’s leaving because she knows the truth. Victoria argues Adam shouldn’t get a free pass. In the lobby, Phyllis is dealing with construction noise again as Jack arrives. Phyllis complains about Abby before talk turns to Jack’s issues with Theo and Kyle. Jack tells her what Theo did to get himself fired. Phyllis knew he wasn’t to be trusted; he’s a hustler. They recall their youth. Jack hopes Theo learns his lesson faster than they did. Jack feels he’s a good person underneath the flash and insecurity. After, Phyllis reveals she’s back with Nick and Jack says, “Good for you. Good for both of you.” He teases, “Don’t mess this up.” Jack gets a call that a Jabot construction site in Washington found fossils in the ground. He’ll have to close the site. This gives Phyllis pause for thought as they part ways. By the elevator, Phyllis muses, “Bones…”

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At the ranch, Adam thinks Victor’s lying about him killing AJ. Nikki fumes that Adam’s clueless. Victor talks to Adam alone and Adam warns his father if he pursues this, he’ll suffer the consequences. Victor has no other choice. They go over Adam having to become the man of the house at age 11 after Cliff died. Adam advises Victor this is his last chance to accept the fact that he’s won. Victor stops him. Adam blusters about Victor accusing him of being a cold-blooded killer as a boy. Victor corrects him, “You were scared out of your mind.” Adam argues Victor killed AJ and paid the coroner to cover it up. Victor reveals that AJ confronted Hope and threatened her. Adam was there and tackled him to protect his mother. Adam snarks that he doesn’t remember any of it. Victor says he blocked it out. He recalls Hope summoning him to the farm where Adam was catatonic. George moved the body to the barn on Victor’s instructions so they could explain the death as a fall from the loft. Adam smirks as Victor explains Hope and Adam avoided the funeral as she feared his memory being jogged. Adam’s upset at Victor using Hope in his lies. He has hard evidence implicating Victor. Victor replies, “There’s no proof I was involved.” The story never had to come out, but now, thanks to Adam, it had to. If Adam tells the story of how AJ Montalvo died his life will be ruined…there’s no way back. Adam retorts, “We’ll see.”
Victor faces Adam Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Summer and Kyle congratulate themselves but she realizes he doesn’t seem happy that Theo is gone. Kyle reflects that they used to be friends, but even then, they were competing. Theo always was the striver. “I had a safety net, he didn’t.” Kyle realizes now why Theo might want to knock him down a peg or two. Summer understands he has compassion for the guy, but Kyle’s not responsible for him cheating. Kyle shrugs, he still used to be a friend and is family, it’s not simple. Suddenly, Theo appears. He’s there to turn in his security badge and assumes they’re celebrating, but Kyle won’t spar. When Kyle steps out, Summer lectures Theo about blowing his opportunity and accuses him of wanting everything Kyle had. Kyle returns. Theo insists he was suffocating there. Kyle thinks he’ll be successful wherever he ends up and wishes him luck.

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In Kyle’s suite, he tells Summer he let Theo push his buttons and ended up losing a friend – he regrets it. Summer thinks he’s cool and classy. They make love. In Alyssa’s suite, Victoria insists Adam’s a lying bastard, but Alyssa argues they should have compassion. Victoria despises what he’s done to their family – Victor protects him at the cost of all of them. She warns he will destroy Alyssa if she lets him. Victoria tries to convince her to write a different story, but Alyssa doesn’t owe her anything and wants nothing more to do with the Newmans.
Summer, Kyle canoodle suite Young and Restless

Still at Jabot, Theo leaves Lola a voicemail that he was fired from the company and he misses her. He could use one of her goofy pep talks – it’s his birthday.

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