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Chelsea arrives at Newman Enterprises where Adam is receiving phone calls of congratulations. She recaps that he did what was necessary to achieve his dreams. Adam relays he’ll do an interview about his relationship with his father and will keep up appearances. Chelsea feels Adam is Victor’s equal. Adam grouches he’ll never acknowledge it. Chelsea purrs that he won and they canoodle. As she leaves, Adam takes a call asking how he’ll carry on his father’s legacy.

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At the ranch, Nikki now understands why Victor allowed Adam to accuse him of murder and didn’t fight back. She fails to see how he’ll continue lying now that Adam’s reporter has the story. Victor explains she was wrong on a number of counts and the story won’t see the light of day. Nikki complains Victoria’s suffering the consequences. Victor will take care of her. He leaves, and Victoria arrives. Nikki tells her Victor insists the situation with Adam is temporary, but Victoria doesn’t believe it. She plans to undo the damage herself. Nikki demands to know what she means. Victoria reveals Alyssa’s willing to help by digging into the evidence and exposing Adam’s lies. Nikki blurts this is more delicate than she realizes. She’ll tell her everything. Once Victoria knows, she muses, “It explains so much.” She needs to think.
Nikki dismayed ranch Young and Restless

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chloe and Kevin admire the blue decorations for the baby shower. She explains Chelsea went to get Connor and warns him not to bring up Adam. Lauren and Michael arrive with cake and gifts. Chloe tells them she’s feeling great. Kevin and Michael confer about Adam being CEO of Newman. Soon, Chelsea and Connor arrive, and Bella appears with Esther carrying a gift. The kids go play. Esther and Chloe feel Delia’s spirit with them today. Michael asks if they’ve chosen a baby name. They haven’t yet. Chelsea leads the group in a fun game, and Michael makes a toast. Chelsea takes a call from Adam, who says he nailed the interview. He’s glad she and Chloe are getting over their tension; he loves her. After, gifts are opened. Connor gifts Chloe with a blue stuffy dinosaur. Chloe’s certain the baby will look up to the boy. Kevin gives Chloe a charm bracelet and helps her put it on. Chloe takes Chelsea aside and has something to say, but needs to talk to Kevin first. They leave the room, return, and Chloe thanks Chelsea before asking her to be the baby’s godmother. Chelsea happily accepts.

Chloe asks Chelsea to be godmother Young and Restless

At Grand Phoenix, Alyssa opens her suite door to Victor, who warns her to listen. If she publishes the story about her father’s murder, he’ll ruin her life. He’ll tell her why. After, Alyssa frantically packs.

At home, Victor assures Nikki he saw Alyssa, who won’t print the story. Nikki confesses she told Victoria the truth. Victor’s stunned.

Victoria surprises Adam at the penthouse and grins, “There’s a lot you don’t know, Adam. It turns out I’m not the only one Dad’s been lying to.” She needles that he must wonder a bit why Victor made this so easy for him. Adam deserves this and tells her to accept this. Victoria warns this won’t end well for him, if he wasn’t so vindictive, she might actually feel sorry for him.

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Adam strides into the ranch and demands to know what Victor’s cooked up. He relays Victoria’s warning. Victor shakes his head. Adam won’t leave until he has an iron-clad contract…otherwise he’ll release the story. Nikki, incensed, fumes, “Your father’s been trying to protect you!” Adam barks, “Protect me from what?” Victor levels, “The truth…about the night AJ Montalvo died.” He didn’t want Adam to know, but reveals, “You killed Alyssa’s father. It was you all along.”

Alyssa’s making flight arrangements when Victoria shows up at her room. Alyssa relays she’s leaving…Victor was there.

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