Theo caught in trap Young and Restless

After sex in Kyle’s suite, he tells Summer she’s incredible. Summer remarks that today’s his big day. They debate whether Theo would use Kendra to spy on him. Summer thinks Kyle will come out on top either way.

At Jabot, Theo expresses confidence to Lola over the phone and thanks her for calling. He disconnects and Jack enters. He advises Theo to be himself – he has all the faith in the world in him. After Kyle and Summer arrive the meeting starts. Theo starts. His pitch is called Back 2 Basics. Kyle and Summer smirk. Theo delivers his pitch and asks if there are any questions. Jack mutters, “More than you can imagine.” He informs Theo his concept isn’t unique – it was his pitch from 15 years ago. Theo blurts, “Kyle and Summer set me up.” Kyle confirms it, but says nobody forced his hand. Jack learns Theo had Kendra working as a mole, so they put Jack’s pitch on the server. Theo argues for a second chance. Jack lets Kyle decide. Kyle states Theo crossed a line. Theo says it will never happen again. Kyle tells him, “You’re fired.” Jack stands by Kyle’s decision. Theo exits. Kyle gives his pitch and Jack absolutely loves it. Once alone, Summer and Kyle toast with champagne. Kyle reflects that Theo got what he deserves.

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Amanda surprises Nate at the clinic and teases that her heart just skipped a beat. They make lunch plans as Elena enters and reports an incoming emergency. Amanda takes off, and Elena smiles knowingly at Nate. Later, Nate marvels that Elena’s like a superhero. She asks about his date. He beams, “It was good.” She’s happy for him.

At Social, Billy tells Lily someone came to him with a story that could make them a powerhouse, but could potentially take down an empire. Lily asks if the source is reliable. Billy confirms it’s Victoria – she’s out for blood. Lily wonders if he’s hoping to get back in her good graces. Billy is ready to hear the riot act. Lily warns him not to do anything without warning her. Billy proposes Lily doing a talk show, but she declines.
Lily questions Billy Young and Restless

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Sharon and Rey arrive at home, where Mariah, Tessa, Faith, and Nick are waiting to hear how her pre-surgery appointment went. Sharon has some guidelines to follow before surgery and doesn’t want a pity party. They decide to plan a proper party and start dancing, then play games. During ‘Who Am I?’ Faith does a Victor impression. Sharon and Nick step aside and she asks him to look out for Noah and Faith if something goes wrong tomorrow. Nick reassures her. Later, Sharon tells Mariah she signed a healthcare proxy form – if she can’t make her own decisions, Mariah will speak to her. Mariah balks, then agrees. They express their love. After, Rey takes delivery of a gift basket…from Phyllis. Sharon jokes, “Is it ticking?” Everyone gushes over the spa items, then they take a family photo. Once alone, Rey assures Sharon everything will be fine.
Sharon asks Nick help Young and Restless

At the hotel, Amanda and Nate joke, then talk about how hanging out together has been really nice. Amanda explains Billy taught her about freedom. Now that her life is truly her own again, she’s going to seize it all.

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At Society, Nate and Amanda arrive and Lily urges Billy to convince Amanda to come on board. She calls them over. Nate learns they offered Amanda a job. Lily pulls Nate away, and Billy makes a pitch to Amanda. Lily wants her expertise and he’s not opposed. Amanda’s amenable as they won’t have much contact, but has demands. Elsewhere, Nate expects Lily to tell him it’s a mistake to date Amanda, but she approves. Amanda and Billy join them. She’s accepted their offer. Lily welcomes her aboard. Later, Nate and Amanda drink to her legal skills and impeccable taste in doctors, while Lily and Billy toast to hiring Amanda and complying with business regulations. Billy and Amanda exchange a glance across the room.

At the Abbott residence, Theo tells Dina he was an idiot. Instead of rising to the occasion, he panicked and lowered to his worst instinct. He screwed himself out of a job and worst of all, maybe a family.

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