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At the ranch, Victor brings Nikki flowers. Nikki complains about Victoria’s humiliation. Victor plans to reinstate her as soon as he can and adds he hasn’t signed anything yet. Nikki rants about how hard this is on Victoria. Victor warns the story of AJ must never see the light of day. Nikki presses for the truth and feels he doesn’t trust her.

At Society, Mariah worries to Tessa abut Sharon getting sucked into Adam’s Newman Enterprises drama. Tessa wonders if she’ll tell him about her diagnosis. Mariah’s uncertain, but reveals Rey’s whisking Sharon away tonight. Abby appears and they question her about Adam, but she’s out of the loop. Chance arrives and Abby joins him to ask if he knew what Adam was planning. He didn’t. She feels something is very wrong. They discuss Abby being on the outside. She’s fine with it. Chance admires her. Tessa and Mariah watch and Mariah reveals she and Abby went dancing one night. Lindsay’s name comes up. Tessa’s happy she’s working at The Matchbox now, and assures Mariah they’re good.
Mariah Tessa discuss Lindsay Young and Restless

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At home, Sharon’s feeling pretty good. She and Rey decide to make the most of it with romance. Rey tells her to leave it up to him.

At Grand Phoenix, Traci greets Phyllis – Jack talked her into coming there for a little R&R. Phyllis arranges for spa services in her room. Traci heads upstairs and Nick appears. He’s furious about Adam, but should have seen it coming. Phyllis can’t understand Victor doing this to Victoria. Nick confides Adam has dirt on his father’s past. Phyllis hears what it is, but isn’t buying Victor’s guilt. Nick argues it could have been self-defence. Phyllis points out he wouldn’t hide it. She claims to have leverage against Adam and leaves. Later, Rey and Sharon sit awaiting their room and talk about taking a vacation when her treatment’s done. In her suite, Traci calls Jack with thanks – she’s sipping a cosmopolitan and recharging. In their suite, Sharon and Rey canoodle and have a mini-vacation with beach sounds. Sharon suspects he hoped to keep the Adam news from her and promises she doesn’t want to talk to Adam. Rey wanted her all to himself. They kiss. Sharon warns this may be the last time they can be together before everything changes. Rey assures her she’ll always be the most beautiful woman he’s seen.
Phyllis, Nick discuss Adam Young and Restless

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At Society, Phyllis arrives from her safety deposit box and confronts Abby for stealing her flashdrive in disguise. Abby smirks and says she’s been outplayed. Phyllis thinks it’s a shame the evidence against Adam is gone because she was going to give it to Nick to help Abby’s family. She concludes, “You’ve cleared the pat for Adam. Brilliant move, Abby!” Meanwhile, Theo joins Tessa and Mariah – he’s glad they’re back together, apologizes for the past, and congratulates them on the ‘Teriah’ thing going viral. He thinks they could benefit from a good social media manager. They wouldn’t hire him because he doesn’t know anything about love. Theo grimaces, then informs them they’re wrong. Talk turns to Jabot. They needle him about not getting fired yet. Mariah thinks the contest is his last chance to impress Jack and muses that without Jabot, what does he really have? At the bar, Abby asks Chance to draw Adam into another chat about the murder in Vegas and record it to help Victoria. Chance refuses – Adam saved his life.
Abby questions Chance Young and Restless

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Nick joins Victor at the ranch and wants to know why he’s given in to Adam’s demands. Victor’s protecting the family. Nick alludes to going after Adam and Victor cautions him. They bicker heatedly and Victor insists it’s dangerous for Nick and Victoria to delve into the story. Nick’s infuriated at being shut out and advises his father to tell Nikki. After Nick leaves, Nikki rejoins Victor, who says if he tells her what happened in Kansas there’s no going back. Nikki needs to know. Victor replies, “Alright. I’ll tell you everything.” After, Nikki’s stunned and understands now why he’s dealt with Adam as he did. It’s so overwhelming. She promises they’ll find their way through it together.

At the hotel, Phyllis updates Nick she couldn’t access the information about Adam. He didn’t want her in the line of fire anyway.

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