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At the ranch, Nikki notes it’s Adam’s first day at Newman and a pensive Victor heads to the stables. Victoria arrives and Nikki wants her to discuss things with Victor. Victoria feels this is her fight now and she’ll win it on her own. Nikki updates her that Victor swore he didn’t kill AJ. Victoria questions him allowing Adam to take over. Nikki assumes there’s more to the story.

Chelsea cheerfully visits ‘Mr. CEO’ at Newman Enterprises – Adam’s back where he belongs. They go over Adam blackmailing Victor. Chelsea recaps Adam had to go to extremes because Victor wouldn’t give him a chance to help out. Adam has a moment of wishing it was Victor’s idea for him to return.

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Nick and Phyllis wake up in her hotel suite together and flirt. They agree the real world can wait and start making love. In the lobby, Lily and Billy conclude a meeting and Billy exits. Amanda arrives. Lily waves her over and learns she went out with Nate. She asks Amanda look over a contract. Amanda does, and advises her. Lily wonders if she’d be interested in being the attorney for their division. Amanda reveals Devon offered her a job as well and questions if it’s a coordinated effort to make amends. Lily hasn’t discussed her with Devon. Amanda is uncertain about committing and suggests she speak to Billy first. Upstairs, Nick has to go see his dad. Phyllis urges him to stay strong. They’ll have dinner tonight.
Adam wishes Victor's idea Young and RestlessPhyllis, Nick stay in bed Young and Restless

At Society, Chloe looks over Chelsea’s maternity line and gives feedback. Chelsea notes Chloe’s baby will be coming before it’s out and they gush about having a baby shower. Chelsea confides she has major news and Chloe can’t believe Adam is back in charge at Newman. She asks if it’s temporary. Chelsea beams that it’s a permanent shift in the power structure – she’s really proud of Adam.
Chelsea updates Chloe Young and Restless

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At Chancellor Media, Billy updates Lily that Adam’s back in at Newman. He thinks Victor and Adam can go to hell and is furious on Victoria’s behalf. Talk turns to their legal team and Lily asks how he feels about hiring Amanda. Billy’s taken by surprise. Lily makes her pitch and understands there’s complicated history. Billy relays she helped him through a rough patch – he thinks they’re on good terms. He’d be happy to work with her. Billy heads to Crimson Lights so Lily phones Amanda to say he’s on board. Amanda still needs to think about it.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor she wishes Nick had come by sooner, as Adam is giving a live interview. She presses Victor on why he gave him the keys to the kingdom as Victoria’s furious. Victor wants Nikki to drop it. She peppers him with questions. Victor won’t talk, so she storms out. Victor flashes to AJ Montalvo dead in the Kansas barn.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Nick reads the press release and spots Victoria. She’ll explain after they watch Adam’s live interview. Nick can’t stomach it after a time and ignores Victor’s call – he wants Victoria to fill him in. She tells him about the article and can’t understand how Victor let Adam win. Nick thinks Adam should be thrown through a wall, but warns her not to do anything she might regret. Inside, Amanda disconnects from Lily, then spots Billy arriving and talking to Victoria. She quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Billy tells Victoria he knows she’ll handle Adam and her father. They chat about his work. She might have a story for him at some point.

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Phyllis arrives at Society and watches Adam’s presser over Chelsea’s shoulder as he talks about family unity. After, she opines that Adam must have done something diabolical to get the position. Chelsea needles Phyllis about going home alone and learns she and Nick are back together. They clash over who hurt Nick more. Phyllis informs Chelsea she and the larvae she’s enamored with are no match for her and Nick.

Nick slams into Adam’s office and warns he won’t get away with this. Adam already did.

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