Alyssa, Victoria truth out Young and Restless
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At Grand Phoenix, Victoria introduces herself to Alyssa and warns whatever promises Adam’s made her are false and whatever he’s told her is a lie. She informs Alyssa that Adam doesn’t intend to print her story – he used the information to blackmail Victor into making him CEO of Newman Enterprises. Alyssa can’t believe she fell for it and relays that Chelsea’s in on it. Victoria wants to make a move – she asks Alyssa not to confront Adam; she’ll be in touch later. Up in Phyllis’ suite, Nick wonders why she’s acting like their conversation about commitment never happened. Phyllis thinks sex clouds their judgment, but Nick disagrees. Phyllis reminds him they’ve hurt each other enough for a lifetime and she can’t stand being hurt by him again. He’s as invested as she is. Phyllis chokes up and says, “This is big and scary.” Nick wants her to know he’s in for the long haul. Phyllis wants to lock themselves in and talk all night…he can’t touch her. She feels the most herself with Nick and he likes that. Soon, they’re soaping each other up in the shower, then relive their elopement, and agree they’re better than ever. Nick ignores texts from Victor. After sex, talk returns to the risks they’re taking and to trusting one another. Nick wants this…he wants her and the whole beautiful maddening package. His life is infinitely better with her in it and he’s all in. They kiss.

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At Newman Enterprises, Adam suggests a toast but Victor declines – this is no cause for celebration. Victor presents deals Adam needs to take care of immediately. Adam knows how to do the job. They spar as Victor points out he created the company from the ground up, while Adam only destroys things. Adam had an iron-clad contract sent to Victor’s lawyers and asks how he’ll announce him as CEO. Victor will frame it as a family decision, prompting Adam to ask how Nick took the news. Victor hasn’t told him yet. Adam figures he’ll punch things. Victor smirks as Adam rants about how Victor will do damage control. Victor feels there are things Adam hasn’t considered – how would his mother feel about what he’s doing? Adam is holding Victor accountable for his actions. All that matter is he got what he wanted – they’re the same, it’s about the bottom line. Victor tells him to enjoy his time in that chair and says Adam doesn’t know him at all.
Adam, Victor spar verbally Young and Restless

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Billy arrives at Society and spots Amanda on her date with Nate. He walks out. At their table, Amanda tells Nate that Phyllis helped her work up courage, while he chuckles that Elena did the same on his end. He thinks this feels different; like something new. Amanda felt she had to be guarded when she came to town, but now he can ask her anything. Nate questions her past and learns she was given up as an infant, which gave her ambition. He tells her about his dad’s death and that his mom works for Doctors Without Borders. They discuss their musical taste, favorite places and foods, and share some laughs. Things turn serious when Ripley’s name comes up. Amanda appreciates taking it slow. They decide to go do something fun. After joking about bowling, they share a kiss and agree it was nice.
Amanda, Nate kiss Young and Restless

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At Chancellor Media, Billy and Lily discuss the fiction platform for Traci. He irks her by looking over her shoulder and she asks why he’s there. Billy putts golf balls, complains about her not prioritizing his idea to buy Hashtag, then rants about hedging their bets. Lily gets fed up and accuses him of being in her office because he’s bored, restless and has no one at home. Billy continues on about creating buzz. She thinks he sounds like a scuzzy start-up guy – without execution his vision dies. They agree they need to find their strengths and capitalize on them. Billy likes where this is going. Lily, taking his putter, says she does too.
Billy squares off with Lily Young and Restless

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