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The Young and the Restless is pre-empted today and the episode featuring Neil and Drucilla’s 1993 honeymoon was broadcast. Below is a recap of this classic episode that predates’s days of recapping. For those looking for the latest new episode of Y&R, read the recap about Abby accusing Phyllis of sabotage.

At the ranch, Victor doesn’t understand Nikki being surprised that he assumed they’d be together now that it didn’t work out for her and Jack having a baby – it wasn’t meant to be. Nikki describes the terrible loss of losing the child and says she needs time to decide where she goes from here. Victor reminds her nothing ties her to Jack now that the child is gone. Nikki snaps, “And whose fault is that?” Victor gapes. Nikki apologizes. Victor knows he was there when she took the fall, but it was an accident. He can wait only so long. Victor kisses her deeply – he loves her, needs her, and wants her, but the next move is hers.
Victor appeals to Nikki Young and Restless

In Antigua, Drucilla and Neil romp on the beach and Dru can’t believe they’re on this honeymoon – they’re living large! A hotel employee pages Dru, who enthuses about being called ‘Mrs. Winters’ and admits she paged herself just to hear it. They canoodle and Neil groans about not having time to fix up his apartment for his wife. Dru is unbothered and says this way, they can do it together.
Neil, Dru honeymoon Young and Restless

At Jabot, Rex arrives to hear Jill’s news and guesses that she’s pregnant, even though John Abbott had a vasectomy. It’s explained she conceived before that and Rex warns John didn’t want a second family – he’s going to go through the roof! Jill insists John feels guilty about the vasectomy and may react favorably, but Rex isn’t buying it.

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells John that Nikki appreciates being treated with respect and not bullied as she was with Victor. The loss of the baby has only made their marriage stronger. John feels no one could love Nikki more. Jill arrives and expresses condolence to Jack on the baby. “Give Nikki my best.” When she steps out, John tells Jack he wishes he didn’t get the vasectomy without telling Jill; it wasn’t fair. As Jack goes, John warns him not to underestimate Victor. Jill reappears and cuddles up to John, who’s pleased she’s bounced back from the vasectomy controversy. They kiss and banter until Jill reveals she got surprising news. “I’m pregnant.” John’s irritated – she knew how he felt about this and should have taken precautions prior to his procedure. He feels she did this deliberately. Jill counters having a vasectomy was also deception. John complains about the lifestyle change of raising another child as Jill pleads, “Don’t be upset with me.” Doesn’t what she wants count? John walks away; he’s going upstairs.
John listens to Jack Young and Restless

In Neil’s apartment, Brad and Ashley plan a surprise for the newlyweds as Brad warns it has to be done in time. Brad gives the designer two more days and the man leaves to order paint. Ashley wonders how Brad will get Drucilla and Neil to stay longer.

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In Antigua, Neil takes a call from Brad, who urges him to change his flight and hotel booking to stay two more days. Neil’s worried about work, but Brad assures him the Abbotts are fine with it.

Back at Neil’s place, Ashley thinks Brad’s a pretty amazing guy and drags him off for dinner.

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At his apartment, Victor grumbles to Douglas about making trips to the ranch to see Nikki and needing an appointment to see his children. Douglas thinks he should have had more children and muses the child Eve Howard claims is his would be grown by now. Victor excuses himself and calls Eve. He has doubts about her claim, but asks her to bring him a photo of her son.

Jack arrives at the ranch and is greeted by Miguel, who reveals Victor visited Nikki. When Nikki appears, Jack questions what’s on her mind. She senses he’s in a strange mood. Jack asks how she’s handling the loss of the baby. Nikki feels she’s let him down. Jack reassures her, then asks if there’s more going on than he knows. “Are you still happy with me, Nik?”

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