Abby, Phyllis sabotage Young and Restless
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At Crimson Lights, Nick arrives as Rey’s waiting for Sharon to close up. Rey relays there’s no update from the doctor as Sharon joins them and says the waiting is driving her crazy. She calls the doctor and explains she needs to know what’s going to happen next. She listens, then relays that she has to have another biopsy and determine if the cancer has spread. Faith, Tessa, and Mariah show up and plans are made to cover Sharon’s responsibilities for the next two weeks. Nick takes Rey aside on the patio, and Rey admits he’s scared about the future. Nick’s supportive, then leaves. Inside, Mariah discusses her fears with Tessa, who will always be there for her. Mariah says that’s so nice. Tessa replies, “You know what’s nicer? Why don’t we make it…” Mariah cuts her off with a kiss – she can’t get her mind around anything else right now. Elsewhere, Rey tells Sharon he’s taking time off work and they kiss.

Sharon calls doctor Young and Restless

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Abby arrives at Grand Phoenix and a code enforcement officer follows. He’s shutting her down. Phyllis sips a martini and watches as Abby learns she’s missing work permits. Abby storms over and warns Phyllis he’ll build her hotel whether she likes it or not. Phyllis thinks her workers were cutting corners and warns she could be delayed for months if she fails another inspection. Later, Phyllis complains to Abby about the aesthetic of her planned hotel. Nick arrives and Abby is dismayed to learn they’re back together. Nick won’t justify his choices. Abby rants about Phyllis’ sabotage and wishes him luck as she leaves. Phyllis and Nick make out in the elevator.

Alyssa arrives at the penthouse to see Adam. Chelsea explains he’s out. Alyssa wants to know why he’s letting his father get away with murder – he hasn’t published her expose. Chelsea insists they still have to fact check. Alyssa agonizes about life with AJ as a father and Chelsea commiserates. When Chelsea offers her money, Alyssa sees it as a bribe. Chelsea backtracks.

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At Society, Adam offers Victoria a drink…to toast the new boss. As Adam rambles about wishing she’d stay on, Victoria calls for her check. She’s not interested in being there when he tanks the company. They spar verbally as Adam intends to obliterate everything she did at Newman and needles that he’s always been Dad’s heir apparent. Victoria gets a call on her way out and says she’ll handle it.
Victoria deals with Adam Young and Restless

Victoria arrives at Chancellor Media and confronts Billy about cancelling on the kids last minute and calling Hanna instead of her. He thought she’d be busy at Newman. Victoria reveals she’s out at the company and Adam is in…effective immediately. Billy is angry on her behalf about Adam and Victor playing with her life and declares her father needs to be knocked down a peg. Victoria yells, “I make the calls here, not you!” She wants him out of her life and can fight, and win, this battle on her own.

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Adam removes Victor’s portrait at Newman Enterprises, then sits behind the desk and puts his feet on it.

At the penthouse, Adam asks Alyssa if everything’s alright. Alyssa snaps, “Far from it,” and rants about the article…she knows she’s getting the runaround. Adam admits he has no intention of publishing the article. Her piece belongs in a major national magazine. He claims he’s been meeting with connections. Placated, Alyssa leaves. Chelsea warns Adam she’ll never let this go. Adam feels his friend has become a liability and they toast to being at the top of the food chain – nothing will stop them now. Adam gets a text from Victor to meet at Newman.

At Grand Phoenix, Victoria tells Alyssa they know people in common and they’re not Alyssa’s friends.

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