Victor tells Nikki he's innocent Young and Restless
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At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam are stunned that Victor surrendered the company. Adam doesn’t expect his siblings to fold as easily and worries how Nick will treat Chelsea. Chelsea says Nick’s no match for him, and she’s unconcerned with how he’ll treat her. They canoodle. Adam can understand what drove Victor to eliminate AJ, but isn’t having second thoughts.
Adam marviels with Chelsea Young and Restless

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria pleads with Victor to expose Adam as a fraud. She feels it’s not like Victor to back down from a fight and asks what’s going on. Victor’s playing the long game – Adam doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Victoria argues. Victor has a plan and tells her to cool her jets. She’s convinced Adam will lie that she’s incompetent and Victor won’t fight that either – it’s a betrayal. Victor intones that Adam thinks he’s as ruthless as he is, but he’s not even close. Victoria thinks her father’s confusing her loyalty with something else and exits.

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At Society, Abby updates Chance that Devon was thrilled about Colin’s arrest. Chance is off to see Jill. Abby’s plans to check in at the Grand Phoenix. They discuss Dina, who has a social engagement this evening.

At the hotel, Phyllis is doing damage control due to loud construction noise across the street. Abby arrives as guests are walking out and mocks Phyllis before announcing construction will begin again at 5:00 AM. Phyllis snaps when Abby says she told the construction crew they could use Grand Phoenix’s restrooms. Later, Phyllis calls someone for assistance.
Abby mocks Phyllis Young and Restless

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At the Abbott house, Theo chats away to an unresponsive Dina. He marvels that she knew what she wanted to do and didn’t let anyone hold her back; he admires her. Lola arrives with Dina’s favorite dessert as Theo beams. He reveals Lola’s the girl who caught his eye and asks Dina’s advice about New York. Dina sparks at the mention of the Pierre Hotel. Theo feeds Dina flan, and Kyle slips in and listens to his teasing chatter with Lola. Kyle doesn’t want Dina overwhelmed by too many visitors and pulls Theo aside as they bicker about who should leave. Kyle accuses Theo of using Dina to score points with Lola. Theo calls him an entitled jerk – he belongs there as much as Kyle. Dina calls out, “John! Stuart! No!” Jack rushes into the room. After Lola goes and Dina’s out of the room, Jack is furious – he’s had it with their fighting and orders them out. Tomorrow at Jabot they’ll bring this to an end once and for all.
Dina visits with Theo Young and Restless

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance assures Jill that Colin won’t escape and has been co-operative. He cleared her name. Jill quips, “And they say romance is dead, huh?” She feels satisfied that her grandson brought an end to Colin’s crime spree. Jill grills him about Abby – she can see he’s happy. Chance asks if she’s seeing anyone. Jill likes her life the way it is.
Jill, Chance happy Young and Restless

At the ranch, a stressed Victoria updates Nikki that it was her last day at work and she won’t spend another night in that house. Once Nikki’s in the loop she questions if Adam’s story might be true and suggests time for Victor to formulate a plan. Victoria complains Adam wants to divide them and Victor’s playing into his hands. She agrees to stay at the tackhouse but won’t let this slide. Later, Victor tells Nikki he had nothing to do with the death of AJ Montalvo, but he’ll take care of this on his own. He warns things may get ugly – he’ll protect his family no matter what cost. Nikki wants the whole story, but Victor resists. She storms off.

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At Society, Chance tells Abby he thinks Jill has mixed feelings about Colin going to prison. Abby once had a soft spot for bad boys, but has the best of both worlds with Chance. They canoodle.

At Newman, Victoria packs up her things.

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