Victoria gets in Adam's face Young and Restless
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At Society, Chelsea and Chloe go over marketing strategies for the new line. Chelsea hints she and Adam may have something to celebrate by the end of the day. Chloe assumes she’s pregnant. Chelsea explains there’s a deal Adam’s working on that could change their lives. Chloe keeps fishing to find out what’s going on. Chelsea won’t tell and gushes what a great team she and Adam make.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor has something to tell Victoria. Suddenly, Adam enters. Victor hands over the envelope with Alyssa’s story to explain his presence. Adam relays Victor had a man killed and covered it up. Victoria snarks, “And that’s it?” Adam warns the story’s just waiting to be published – he’ll bury it if he gets what he wants. “What I want is this. All of this.” Victor recaps, “Your brother is trying to blackmail me.” Adam learned from the best. Victor said it didn’t work before and it won’t work now. Adam asks what Victoria thinks. Victoria gets in his face and seethes, “You disgust me, you sick sonofabitch.” She pities him and feels even sorrier for his child. Adam warns if he gets what he came for, she’s out, and will be visiting Victor in prison. He wants what’s his, but Victoria counters he deserves nothing. She rants. Adam thinks Victor’s quiet because he understands it’s serious. “Do we have a deal?” he asks. Victor notes this is the lowest he’s ever seen him go and Victoria orders him out. Adam leaves, but won’t wait forever. After he goes, Victor says to Victoria, “I have to tell you something…”
Victor smirks at Adam Young and Restless

At Crimson Lights, Nick grimaces about the news he gets over the phone. Summer enters as he disconnects. She asks if everything’s okay. Nick says, “It’s about Sharon.” After Summer learns Sharon has cancer, Nick updates her on the scan results. Summer worries about Faith. Nick says she’ll need support. Phyllis arrives and Summer’s stunned to hear she’s known about Sharon for weeks. Phyllis hears the bad news and asks, “Can I do something?” Summer notices how affected her mother is by this and also offers to help. They discuss how strong Sharon is and Nick encourages Summer to pitch in if she sees an opening. Phyllis urges her to be there for Faith. Before leaving, Summer tells her parents she loves them. Phyllis asks Nick about Sharon’s surgery and they agree it’s scary. Nick thinks it’s important to say things to those they love, like they did. Phyllis waivers that they don’t have to define their relationship. Nick thought they did. She frets – what if she was sick like Sharon, would he run for the hills? Nick wants to be with someone he’d do anything for…doesn’t she? She does. Nick wonders why she’s so weirded out. Phyllis leaves for a meeting…she’s sorry.
Nick relays bad news Young and Restless

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Sharon is crying at home when Faith and Mariah enter. They stop short before rushing over to embrace her. After, Sharon explains her results weren’t what they hoped for and that her surgery will happen sooner and could be more invasive. Faith frets that they could try different drugs and Mariah asks if she’ll have a lumpectomy. She doesn’t know. Later, Faith and Mariah are out when Tessa arrives – her tour’s over. Sharon thanks her for forgiving Mariah – it’s important she has someone in her life to love her. Tessa’s not going anywhere. Mariah and Faith return. Mariah kisses Tessa and they discuss Sharon’s setback while Sharon and Faith are getting snacks. They’re all chatting when Summer arrives. She hugs Mariah, then Sharon, and whispers she wants to help. Together, they listen about Tessa’s tour and Sharon smiles, watching them laugh. The four girls go to the movies and Sharon stays home.
Sharon cries embracing Mariah, Faith Young and Restless

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At the penthouse, Adam updates Chelsea that Victoria’s back in as CEO and lashed out at him. Victor was a different story, he hardly said anything. Adam’s phone rings – it’s Victor, who says, “I’m giving you what you want. Newman Enterprises is yours.”

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