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The Young and the Restless is pre-empted today and the episode featuring Nikki and Victor’s 1984 wedding was broadcast. Below is a recap of this classic episode that predates’s days of recapping. Viewers in Canada were treated to a Y&R episode from April 3. For those looking for the latest new episode of Y&R, read the recap about Sharon worrying about losing her breast due to cancer.

In the hotel kitchen, Eve puts on a disguise in the corner while everyone else chops vegetables.

At the Abbott house, Jill shows off her dress to John and tells her how excited she is for the wedding. Ashley wanders in to show off her outfit before her fiancé, Eric, picks her up.

Jill and John Abbott wedding Young and Restless

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Nikki wakes up in bed at the hotel and smiles to herself. Casey comes in and asks her how she slept. Nikki was on pins and needles and will be glad when today is over. Everything Victor has planned is wonderful, but this is intimidating. Casey assures her it will be the greatest day of her life. They hug. Victor knocks on the door and the bride orders him to stay out. He jokes he’s worried she might sleep through the ceremony. He admits to Casey that he’s nervous and assures her he plans to take good care of Nikki. As the bride dresses, her nervousness intensifies. Casey goes out in the hall and asks a waitress, Eve in disguise, to fetch some brandy for the bride. Moments later, Eve is drugging some brandy and dropping it off.

Downstairs, Douglas tries to reassure Victor that everything is in hand. Victor admits that he’s worried. He received a call that Eve Howard escaped the mental institution and is on the loose. Douglas helps Victor into his tux and the reverend joins them to say there won’t be any problems. Investigator Carl Williams arrives with his wife, Mary. He assures Victor that they will have officers on the lookout for Eve.

Douglas Austin, Victor Newman wedding Young and Restless

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Eric and Ashley arrive in the Colonnade Room and start milling around. She pulls him over to the elaborate cake and looks forward to when they are tying the knot. He’s eager but she’s willing to wait because she wants everything to be perfect. Marc arrives and glares over at them before sitting behind a pillar to watch from a distance. Katherine arrives with Derek and ponders how lavish everything is. She grimaces at everyone until John and Jill arrive. Brock pops up and Katherine asks the three of them to run along because she’s waiting for someone. Paul arrives with his friends and notices his father is there. Soon, the wedding march begins to play. Eve stands in the shadows with canapes while Casey comes down the stairs. Nikki slowly follows, joining Victor and the reverend. They exchange their vows, promising loyalty for the length of their days, to always respect and cherish each other, and to bring love to all around them. After they have exchanged their rings, they are pronounced husband and wife. Once they have kissed, they mix with their guests and receive congratulations. Ashley and Eric look forward to their wedding. As he gets her champagne, Lorie Brooks comes over and tells the Abbott she has a little project she wants to talk to her about. Lorie notices Marc is staring at them, so Ashley vaguely alludes to who he is. Lorie heads over to Marc and they start to chat about Ashley. Across the room, Victor’s ex-wife congratulates him and says he looks younger than when they were married. Eve circulates, offering champagne while Carl is telling Victor that there has been no sign of her. Eve pours more poison into a glass of champagne and hands it to the bride. Casey runs over, plucking it from Nikki’s grasp and hands it off to another guest. Eve rolls her eyes. The man has soon passed out and several people try to wake him. Eve spots Nikki going upstairs and stalks after her.

Victor, Nikki first wedding Young and Restless

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Upstairs, Eve sneaks into Nikki’s room. She’s about to stab the bride when Casey barges in and knocks her over with the door. Eve rushes out. Casey and Nikki are clueless, but Nikki senses there is something familiar about the waitress. When Nikki returns to the Colonnade Room, she shares a first dance with Victor amid the glowing candles and live rendition of Through the Eyes of Love. Gradually, other guests join them on the floor. Finally, Nikki throws her bouquet and it lands in Ashley’s arms. Victor and Nikki repeat how much they love each other and kiss. Eve mumbles to herself, “I’ll be waiting for you at home Mrs. Newman. You’ll never survive this day.”

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