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At Newman Enterprises, slaps some files down on the desk then flashes to sex with Phyllis.

At Grand Phoenix, Amanda spots a beaming Phyllis – there’s only one thing that would make her smile like that. Phyllis hedges, then confesses it’s Nick, her ex. Amanda asks how the flame got re-ignited. Phyllis describes the dance they do before the inevitable – they’re doing it again, for real. Amanda’s happy for her as they toast. Phyllis asks about her. Amanda’s helping Jared and is about to meet with Devon and Nate about him. Phyllis teases about Nate, then encourages her to live her life. “Don’t deny yourself.” Amanda laughs and thanks her.
Amanda, Phyllis dish love Young and Restless

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At the ranch, Nikki fusses that Victoria shouldn’t be doing too much and asks what made her decide to return to work. Victoria says, “Billy,” and explains how she dealt with him – it’s like a weight lifted off her shoulders.

At Society, Adam meets with Victor and they discuss the farmhouse in Kansas. Adam feels a sense of contentment, which Victor questions. Near the door, Abby informs Devon that Colin has been caught. He walked right into Chance’s trap in Europe – it was such a rush! Devon’s pleased and relays it’s opening day for the clinic. He commends Elena and Nate’s work, tells her about Jared, and says Amanda’s been a big help with him. Abby wonders how Elena feels about them being in a better place. Devon shrugs, “She feels great.” He calls to update Jill on Colin, and Abby’s going to visit Dina. In the dining room, Adam tells his father things have been going his way and he’s been thinking about the bond they share. “I am exactly like you, which is what you’ve always wanted.” He then warns, “Be careful what you wish for.” They debate about Victor rejecting Adam in favor of Nick and Adam produces a manila envelope. “Read it.” He states that AJ Montalvo’s death was not an accident and he decides whether the story sees the light of day. “Victor Newman Murder Magnate.” Victor smirks. It’s bull he has no proof. Adam insists he does – all he has to do is say the word and Victor will go to prison. Victor looks amused then asks his terms.
Victor questions Adam Young and Restless

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At the clinic, Elena enthuses about the number of patients they’ve had and Nate grins at her. Devon arrives as Elena’s teasing Nate about getting a personal life – she thinks the right person is under his nose. Just then, Amanda enters. They discuss Jared being like a different kid now. Elena and Devon walk off. Nate suggests to Amanda they meet with Jared. She agrees, but wants a real date.

In the hospital, Sharon is told her results will be in soon. She watches the clock, fidgets and paces. Soon, the doctor joins her and starts talking but her voice fades…

Nick barks into the office phone then worries he sounds like his dad as Victoria enters and announces she’s taking back the reins…today. Nick’s concerned and Victoria relays she’s feeling better after coming to some realizations about Billy. Nick’s proud of her. They embrace then he debriefs her. Victoria gives him the rest of the day off. Once alone, she rearranges things and tells Victor’s portrait, “I’m back.”

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Sharon enters Crimson Lights and angrily tosses sugar on the floor as Rey enters and looks concerned.

At home, Sharon texts Mariah to come over. Rey soothes her about what happened at the coffee house. Sharon agonizes – she was so sure the tumor was shrinking, but no…not as much as they hope. She screams she only has one option and gasps, “I’m going to lose my breast, Rey.” She starts worrying about Faith seeing her and yells, “I don’t want this inside of me anymore!” Rey holds her.
Sharon embraced by Rey Young and Restless

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Nick arrives at the hotel, where Nikki learns Victoria gave him the boot and grows worried. Phyllis watches from the corner. They debate whether she’s ready until Nikki notices he’s distracted and realizes he’s meeting Phyllis. “Are you kidding me?” She rants until Nick points out his parents’ track record. Nikki goes, Nick tells Phyllis his mother reacted predictably. Phyllis kind of likes watching peoples’ heads explode. They kiss.

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