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At Jabot, Summer rants to Kyle that she’s through with her parents who won’t grow up. Kyle tells her he spoke to Lola about a divorce. Summer asks how she is, and Kyle shrugs, “Okay I guess.” Summer offers him time alone, but he wants to be with her. Talk turns to whether they’ll live in an apartment. Summer wants a big house. Kyle just wants her.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis wants to know what Nick’s thinking about their relationship. Nick keeps telling himself they’re friends with great chemistry, but he wants more. Phyllis quickly replies, “We could have more.” Nick continues that what they want and what they should do aren’t necessarily the same thing. Phyllis agrees they should think this through. They go over the pros and cons as Phyllis perches on the desk in front of him. It’s established they have great sex, no one makes him laugh more than her, they bring out the best in one another, are good friends, and make a great team. The number one con is Summer. Phyllis grimaces that she’s a buzzkill. Nick points out they’ve broken each other’s hearts. Phyllis thinks they’ve made amends. She asks if he wants to speed up their journey or end it right here. Nick caresses her knee. Phyllis locks the door, and they kiss deeply as they undress. After sex, Phyllis doesn’t want to walk away. Nick kisses her hand and says, “Let’s see where this goes.”

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At home, Sharon snaps at Rey who asks if she wants tea or her book. She apologizes – she can’t stop thinking about the scan tomorrow to find out if the chemo worked. Sharon suggests he confide in Lola, as Mariah arrives. She explains she wanted to be there for the scan. Rey leaves, and Mariah assures Sharon this is where she needs to be. She begs her mother to open up. Sharon cries – she’s worried the tumor has grown and she’ll need a mastectomy. She’s terrified! Sharon feels she’s not strong enough for this. Mariah promises that whatever the scan shows they’ll make it through.
Sharon terrified with Mariah Young and Restless

At Crimson Lights, Billy takes a call from Victoria, who asks him to come by the ranch.

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Billy arrives at the ranch and conveys how upset he was about her being rushed to the hospital. Victoria talks about her difficulty getting back to herself – it was the shock and trauma of their relationship ending. She thought their love could weather anything. Victoria knows what she needs to move forward. Billy wants to help her through. Victoria explains other than co-parenting, there is no ‘we’; he’s not her friend and she’s done allowing herself to be his collateral damage. Billy argues she can’t stop feeling, but Victoria won’t give him any more energy. She’s happy to hear about Chancellor Media and alludes to his personal life with Amanda. He says that’s a non-starter and isn’t going to happen. She reiterates his life is his own. Billy goes, pausing as Victoria says, “Goodbye, Billy.”
Billy visits Victoria ranch Young and Restless

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Lola finds Theo at Society, where he’s reflective about visiting Dina – it gave him perspective about how he wants to spend his time and who he wants to spend it with; that’s why he’s there. Lola updates him on meeting Kyle about a divorce. Theo’s supportive. He has his arm around her as Rey enters. Theo takes off and Rey asks, “That guy?” Lola asks him to trust her and relays that she and Kyle are divorcing. Talk turns to Sharon and Rey breaks the news she has cancer. Lola says she could have helped. Rey says he did…with Faith. Lola will do whatever’s needed. Rey explains just being able to talk helps.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Theo calls a buddy to get him tickets to a Broadway show. He’s bringing someone to New York and wants the trip to be special for her.

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Theo returns to Society’s kitchen, where Lola relays she’ll have to postpone the trip to New York as he needs to be around for Rey right now. She’d love to reschedule. Theo’s understanding – when she’s ready, they’ll do it up right. Outside, he’s disappointed and cancels the Broadway tickets.

Rey returns to Sharon’s house, where she tells him and Mariah she’s going to the scan alone. She needs to have privacy to react, whether it’s good news or bad.

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