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In her suite, Phyllis awakens Nick with a red rose, and they muse about last night being unforgettable. Phyllis leaves first so they can be discreet and wishes him good luck finding his clothes. In the lobby, Summer confronts Phyllis about her and Nick.
Nick sleep rose Young and Restless

At the penthouse, Adam takes a call from Chelsea, who is dropping Connor at the ranch. He wants to speed things up with Victor.

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At the ranch, Victor appears as Chelsea disconnects from Adam and asks about his son. Chelsea complains Victor snatched the rug out from under Adam, who feels betrayed. Victor remarks what’s done is done. Chelsea warns it’s a dangerous stance to take.

Alyssa arrives at the penthouse and tells Adam she got the goods. It turns out Cliff’s death was an accident, though AJ did set it in motion…the truck driver who killed him was only supposed to scare Cliff into paying up but was drunk and hit him. She then adds, “My father wasn’t a killer, but yours definitely was.” She found a phone record from Hope to Victor from the night her dad died. The coroner confessed the body was moved post-mortem; it was clearly no accident. He doctored the autopsy when Victor waved his checkbook. Adam muses, “Damn. My father really did it.” She has the coroner’s records, a recording of him admitting wrongdoing, and the bank records to show Victor paid him. Adam wants her story and the evidence. She balks but Adam talks her into bringing it from her car. Later, Chelsea returns, ranting about Victor and Adam tells her. “We got him, Chelsea.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack thanks Theo for stopping by and they discuss Dina before Jack warns the tension between him and Kyle has to end. Theo insists he’s been trying. Jack asks what’s getting in the way. Theo says, “Me.” He admits to still feeling jealous. Jack isn’t absolving Kyle. Theo knows he’ll have to put in an effort to be seen as more than an outsider who causes trouble…he’ll get there. Later, Theo chats to Dina about work – he’d like to make her proud of him. Dina’s unresponsive. Theo tells her he’s nervous about a girl – he really wants it to work out but he’s afraid of pushing too hard and scaring her away. Dina turns, smiles and says, “Don’t worry. You’re a good catch.” Later, Jack remarks on Theo’s connection with Dina. Theo thinks they did the right thing bringing her home. After leaving, Theo gets a text from Kendra asking if he still wants help with Kyle. He replies to hold off for now.
Dina reassures Theo Young and Restless

Lola meets Kyle at Crimson Lights. She assumes he wants to talk her out of going to New York with Theo and warns it won’t work. Lola rants until he interrupts that’s not why he wanted to see her. He doesn’t like Theo hanging out with her, but she’s her own person. Kyle will probably never trust the guy, but he trusts her. Lola’s not in a rush. Kyle warns her to have the freedom to do what she likes. They have to talk about divorce. Lola agrees it’s time and they both tear up.
Kyle meets with Lola Young and Restless

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick calls Phyllis but gets voicemail and disconnects.

At the Grand Phoenix, Summer declines Nick’s call on Phyllis’ phone. Phyllis claims they’re working together. Summer wants her to come clean and feels it’s a disaster for them to get back together. “Can you not do this cycle again, please!” Phyllis questions which cycle she and Kyle are on and says she has no answers to give her. Summer walks out.

Summer arrives at Newman as Nick is receiving a call from Phyllis. She says her mother is calling to warn him and pleads for them not to get back together. Nick reminds her she got back with Kyle and shouldn’t judge – she doesn’t get a vote. After Nick ushers her out, Phyllis eventually arrives. She suggests they could keep Summer guessing. Nick nods – they could keep playing games, or get serious…about each other. Phyllis thinks it could just be good sex. Nick counters it could be something more, they need to figure it out. “What is it you want, Phyllis?”

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