Nikki calls Billy from hospital Young and Restless
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Nikki meets Victor at Society. He has something to tell her, but she already knows…the pilot tipped her off when he called today. They agree it’s not a good time for her to leave, so Victor’s going alone…to Hope’s farm in Kansas. Nikki questions him having to go personally to oversee repairs and notes he’s been agitated since Adam’s visit. Victor downplays it and insists he’s going.

At the penthouse, Adam takes a call from Alyssa, who reports the coroner who did her father’s autopsy report had a visceral reaction when she questioned him. Adam suspects Victor paid him off. Alyssa recaps if their hunches are accurate, her father killed for money, while Adam’s father killed to protect him. After, Adam tells Chelsea that if Victor killed AJ it was out of love and he’s going to use it against him…if it gets out the consequences would be massive. She asks if he’s having second thoughts. Adam doesn’t feel Victor deserves to be let off the hook, but worries if he’s wrong, this could start a war. Chelsea reminds him Victor framed him for a murder he didn’t commit. Adam wonders if it would be justice to turn the tables, or his undoing. Chelsea is behind him whatever he decides. They kiss. After sex, Adam decides it’s time to go full speed ahead and end the war with Victor once and for all.
Adam, Chelsea talk conscience Young and Restless

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Nick visits Victoria at the ranch and asks for help with a deal. He’s stunned when Victoria tells him she couldn’t care less if it tanks and may never care again. Victoria explains she feels lost. She has a ball of dread in her stomach and all of the fight has gone out of her. “That’s not who I am, Nick.” Suddenly, Victoria clutches her chest and falls to her knees.
Nick stunned Victoria Young and Restless

At Chancellor Media, Billy wants to throw a splashy party. Lily thinks they should have a few media outlets in their portfolio first. Jill arrives to confront Billy about a tweet surrounding an acquisition, but Lily says she’s responsible. Jill can’t believe she bought a podcast company. Lily explains she merely set up a meeting, but thinks it could be great. Billy’s never heard of the outlet and feels they should pass. Lily has another idea that pertains to Traci. Jill urges Billy to check on Jack and he snaps at her. Once she’s gone, Lily tells Billy to be more thankful he still has a parent around – she’d give anything to talk to Neil. Billy’s certain he’d be proud of her. Talk turns to their personal lives and Lily reveals she’s dating someone, but doesn’t think the long-distance thing will last. Billy offers to be her wingman if she wants to find someone new.

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At the Abbott house, Jack, Traci, and Ashley are frustrated trying to figure out what Dina wants. In a moment alone with Jack, Dina asks, “Where am I” She asks to speak to Mamie. After Dina goes to nap, Ashley fears they’ll never know what’s in her heart, but Traci produces a manila envelope. Inside is a detailed list of Dina’s funeral wishes. She’s also written down what she wants her loved ones to know. They read that she pushed her family away and didn’t have what it took to be a mother, though she’s proud how her kids turned out. Ashley and Jack are dynamos and Traci has a huge heart…she let her down most of all. They all cry reading Dina’s ashamed she didn’t attend Colleen’s funeral. As Traci reads the last…that Dina’s concerned she’ll never get the chance for reconciliation, Jack suddenly has somewhere to go.

Ashley, Traci, Jack cry Young and Restless
Jill arrives at Society and trades barbs with Nikki, who then takes a call from Nick that he’s at the hospital with Victoria. After, Jack enters and thanks Jill for meeting him. He needed a friend and thought of her.

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At Chancellor Media, Billy takes a call from Nikki, who lets him know about Victoria because of the kids.

In the hospital, Nick informs Nikki they’re running tests on Victoria. Nikki asks, “Is it her heart?”

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