Adam and Alyss plan an investigation at penthouse The Young and the Restless
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At the penthouse, Adam tells Connor they can’t go to the ranch yet because he needs to take care of some things. Alyssa shows up and Adam sends his kid upstairs. Alyssa assumes that Adam thinks his father is a killer. She apologizes if she lashed out before and they discuss how hard it is for a loved one to do something terrible. Adam turns away and smirks as she talks about getting to the truth. They run through their suspicions and Adam asks if she really wants to pursue this. She’s determined so he offers to help her come up with a plan so Victor won’t realize she’s investigating him. He explains that he has a stake in a media company and can make sure her article gets published as written. She’s impressed that he knows how to get things done.

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At the ranch, Victor reads old newspaper articles about Cliff’s death until Sharon arrives. He asks how she’s coping with her cancer. She’s seen better days. They hold hands and discuss how hard things have been on Victoria. She thinks that their spending time together has been beneficial for both of them. Sharon wonders if something is weighing on Victor, but he’s not explaining. Victoria arrives and her father makes himself scarce. The ladies sit on the couch and awkwardly start their first official session. They don’t know what to talk about. Sharon starts talking about herself in chess metaphors. Chat shifts to their children and how much attention they’ve been getting from them thanks to their plights. Sharon asks her if it’s really over with Billy.

Victor won't up to Sharon at the ranch The Young and the Restless

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Tessa and Mariah lounge in a hotel bed. Tessa assures her they can handle anything outside that room. They are solid. After sex, Mariah promises she won’t cheat on her again but might find some other way to screw up. Tessa tells her mistakes are part of life. But they wonder if they will be able to handle distance while Tessa goes on tour. Mariah gets an idea.

Mariah has a suggestion for Tessa in hotel The Young and the Restless

Mariah and Tessa arrive on the plane. They thank Tanner for helping them reunite and Mariah asks if he’d mind her coming along on tour. He’s cool with that. After he wanders off, Mariah worries to Tessa about deserting her mom. She calls Sharon to break the news, but immediately decides this is a terrible idea and she can’t do it. Sharon tells her that she needs to live her own life and assures her she has lots of support. After she gets off the phone, they make plans.

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Back at the ranch, Sharon tells Victoria how lucky she feels for all the people she has in her life. They agree to give each other support. Later, Connor arrives with Adam. The kid runs off to the stables, leaving his father with Victor. He asks Adam why he’s really there. Victoria eavesdrops as her father tells Adam that she will be taking back the reins of Newman as soon as she recovers. Adam is determined to prove what he can do and show everyone his true colors.

Nick isn’t thrilled to find Billy in his old office. Billy informs him the floor is for Chancellor’s new media division. They start bickering. Newman wants him out of town and his sister’s life. The topic turns to Victor and Billy vents about the mustache never facing consequences for his actions. As things get more heated, Lily interrupts. Nick vows that he will never let Billy hurt anyone in his family again. He’s appalled to learn Lily is working with Billy. After some more bickering, he walks out. Lily shakes her head. She tells Billy that her work with inmates has convinced her that people can change and that’s why she decided to be his partner.

Billy and Nick argue about guilty at office The Young and the Restless

Nick drops into Crimson Lights and Sharon approaches him. He tells her about his run-in with Billy and then asks how she’s doing. The topic quickly changes to Victoria. She can’t say anything specific but suggests Victoria is trying to make it look like she’s getting better.

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