Jill, Jack bar talk Young and Restless

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley calls out for Jack, who appears with food for Dina’s arrival. Ash complains they could have used him around there and Traci intervenes. She reminds them it’s essential to be kind to each other and themselves so they can care for their mother. Ashley thinks they should both defer to her. Traci and Jack laugh as they declare Ashley ‘Queen of the Household’…until Dina arrives. After Jack leaves to clear his head, the sisters go over the arrangements for their mother and agree this won’t be easy. They’ll get through it together and hug before getting word that Dina’s on her way.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nick gets a text from Victor about a deal that he’s already handled. Victor follows with another request and Nick becomes irritated. Phyllis calls and he relays things are crazy there. Phyllis wants to see him. When she arrives, Nick tells her he wants to go by the old Dark Horse building that Jill’s leasing and asks what she wants. Phyllis pats the seat for him to sit next to her. When he does, Phyllis sexily presents him with a proposition – she’d like Newman to use her hotel exclusively for parties. Nick scoffs, “This is what you want from me?” Phyllis teases he must have thought this wasn’t about business. She reminds him they’re just friends; she’s playing by the rules. Nick moves closer and advises her to leave her information, he’ll look at it later. Phyllis flirts, agreeing they’ll talk later.

Phyllis visits Nick at office Young and Restless

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At Crimson Lights, Amanda and Nate want to help Jared, who is in jail, and agree to go talk to him. They later return with Jared in tow, along with Devon and Elena. Jared is thankful and makes a plan to help Elena at the clinic. He’s overwhelmed by so many people looking out for him and can’t believe Devon the billionaire used to be a foster kid. Amanda asserts they’re all on the same side. Nate takes Jared to the hospital, and Devon tells Amanda she did a good job talking to Jared. Elena and Devon enthuse about doing good before he rejoins Amanda – he’s pleased to have found common ground and thinks they make a great team. Elena watches them shake hands and smile.

Amanda, Nate discussion coffee house Young and Restless

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At Society, Jill enthuses to Jack that Billy and Lily are setting up their new offices today. Jack has a lackluster response and explains Dina is coming home today and there’s been tension with his sisters. Jill feels the Abbotts will rise to the challenge and diverts him with a crossword puzzle. After, Jack knows it wasn’t her puzzle – it wasn’t her handwriting. He kisses her cheek in thanks for the diversion. Jill remarks, “You remember my handwriting?” Jack flirts, “You’d be surprised what I remember…”

At Chancellor Media, Lily and Billy interview a man, Harris, whose name Lily thinks sounds familiar. Lily finally remembers he wrote a book that exposed dirt on a family. Though Harris says, “They deserved it,” Lily dismisses him then lashes out at Billy. She accuses him of wanting to use Harris to go after Victor. Billy doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They bicker as Lily accuses Billy of tricking her. Billy merely conducted a job interview. Lily warns he doesn’t want to see how good she can be at going behind his back to get what she wants. Billy insists he’s not focused on taking down Victor. Lily wonders if he’s just looking for something to occupy his time – he seems lonely. Billy asks, “What about you?” Lily is snarking back when Jill arrives. Lily informs her they were just discussing how much they share the same vision. Jill’s pleased the ‘arranged marriage’ is working out and suggests lunch. Billy urges Lily to go. Jill goes ahead and Billy asks Lily why she didn’t tell his mom what he tried to pull. Lily explains they’re partners. They both plan to push for what they think is best. Later, Nick arrives looking for Jill and finds Billy. “Are you the new tenant?”

At the Abbott house, Dina recognizes Jack but is otherwise unclear.

Jack, Ashley, Traci bring Dina home Young and Restless

At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis smiles to herself.

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