Jack arrives at the hospital to see Mr. Kim and stops short when he sees Victor in the waiting room. Victor tells him that there is nothing wrong and listens as Jack tells Victor that Mr. Kim took ill after their dinner. Victor thinks it is interesting that he would befriend a man who has just taken over his father's company. Jack explains that NVP and Jabot have a real partnership and Mr. Kim has asked for help. Victor thinks his 250 million dollars has been put to good use. He wants to discuss in detail where his money went to but Jack brushes him off for another time, and then makes a call to Dr. Campbell, asking him for a meeting today.

Jack finally meets with Mr. Kim, who has to dash off. They agree to meet at the club to play some tennis but Jack isn't so sure the two should be seen together. Victor walks in as Mr. Kim leaves, and Victor relays he hasn't had a seizure in some time. The two sit and discuss going back to India to see if they can set up a spa together. Victor leaves as Jack sits with Dr. Campbell, asking about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and the Gamma Ray surgery.

Gloria visits the baby in the NICU again. She promises to spoil him rotten if he promises to fight to get out of the hospital.

In Lauren's room, Michael is upset to hear the nurse tell him that Lauren will need a different medication. As Lauren sleeps, he talks to her, telling her it's up to her to fight the Staph infection off.

At Crimson Lights, Jana gives Kevin coffee and offers her help, knowing that his family is in need with the baby and Lauren in trouble. She congratulates him with a kiss as Billy watches. Kevin leaves for the hospital, and Jana and Billy chat. Billy finds her reading a life and style magazine, asking if she is wondering how the 'other half' lives. She tells him, maybe she already knows how they live, and he makes a crack about bar maids not making much money. She agrees to coming for a tour of the Chancellor mansion in his porche to see how the other half live.

Outside, Dru and Lily discuss Devon. Lily thinks it is a good idea for him to move out of the house.

At the Winters', Neil tells Devon maybe now is not the time to get out on his own, as he's still learning to adjust. He wants to help Devon, but Devon doesn't feel he needs the help, even though he loves them for wanting to help them. Since he's 18, he can legally do what he wants. Devon looks at the classifieds for an apartment but the prices are expensive. He thinks he'll be able to work and attend school, picking up extra work for cash. He jokes he is the perfect (quiet) tenant! Dru comes home as Devon leaves. Neil accepts a call. The day for Dru's trial has been set. Neil calls Michael, but Chantal (secretary) explains to an upset Neil and Dru that Lauren had the baby, but she's not doing very well. They go to the hospital.

Kevin arrives at the hospital meeting Michael and Gloria. They tell him to go take time to be with the baby, so he does, with Victor meeting him there to congratulate him on being a father!

Gloria walks in and explains that Lauren still isn't doing that well. Jack comes to the NICU to take Victor back to work, Michael leaves as he sees Jack, and Kevin and Gloria are left to discuss how they think Jack is trying to con Mr. Kim.

Devon arrives at Crimson Lights to chat with Lily. When in line to get a coffee, he turns his back to the counter. He doesn't hear a client ask him to move, and when he turns around, he bumps right into the guy's drinks, toppling the whole tray over. Billy tells the guy that Devon is deaf, and helps dry off his shirt. Devon apologizes profusely, and offers to pay, then goes out to the patio, upset, thinking maybe Dru and Neil are right and he is not ready to be on his own. Lily asks him to come live with her until he finds something more permanent.

Dru and Neil arrive at the hospital to lend their support. They ask if he wants to pass Dru's case off on an associate but he declines. Just then, Kevin runs into them to tell them Lauren's fever has broken! Michael sits with Lauren and she wakes up to Michael telling her about the baby being a lot stronger! She wants to hold the baby. The nurse comes in to tell her she can now see the baby!

Neil takes Dru to his new club, and she offers her opinion for color and fabric and styles of what the club could look like. He likes her opinion, and they agree that she should help with the club! Neil tells her that he'll put her in charge of the decorating - free rein! She's extremely excited, jumping around while Neil watches in admiration. He's happy she shares his enthusiasm. She tells Neil she is really proud of him and wants to plan the opening night party, along with renovations! He trusts her with it, he tells her!

Jack and Victor arrive at Newman with Zapato, who Jack comments is getting big. Victor goes on about how he can trust Zapato to always be there for him. As Jack gets off the elevator, he has a perplexed look on his face. Victor goes off for a walk, and later the two discuss the opening of more NVP retreat openings. He wants to glance at Jack's business plans! Jack dashes off to a meeting while Mr. Kim meets Victor.

Jana and Billy leave for the tour of Chancellor Estates when Kevin walks in, surprised at seeing the two leaving.

Devon and Lily rush to get Devon's things to move in with Lily. They don't want to be stopped by their parents!

Next on Y&R:

The baby has to stay in intensive care for a while

"Please don't mock me", Jack tells Ashley!

Victor has a lot of questions for Katherine, regarding the sale of Jabot. Katherine tells him that Jack had tried to buy Jabot secretly when he couldn't buy it legally.