Summer, Kyle make love Young and Restless

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At Sharon’s house, she gets an update from Faith on how she’s making up for skipping classes. Sharon counsels that running away is only temporary and never solves anything. Faith just wanted to hit pause. Sharon advises Faith to reach out next time. Faith apologizes and they embrace. Sharon clearly feels off. Faith asks about a mother/daughter school trip in the summer as she’ll have kicked cancer by then. Rey appears and Sharon looks wary. After, she worries to Rey she won’t feel well enough to go. Rey produces research on creative visualization to help fight the cancer. They joke until Rey turns serious about being there for her whatever she needs – he’s the man who loves her. They embrace. Later, Sharon realizes Faith’s been crying. She’s been worrying about handling whatever comes next. Sharon assures her they’ll get through this together. They hug.
Faith cries, opens up Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Kyle canoodles with Summer while she’s working. They flirt over being like an old married couple. Kyle recalls their wedding was a year ago today. Summer shrugs that it doesn’t feel right since he’s still technically married to someone else. Kyle will call Lola about the divorce so they can move on. After, he talks about them being partners one day – it’s his end game for them after Jack retires and he becomes CEO. Summer teases, “What if I want to run my own company?” Kyle says she will takeover Newman and then they’ll merge their companies. Summer thinks it’s perfect. They kiss and are ready to get out of the boardroom to celebrate their future.
Kyle, Summer future talk Young and Restless

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Theo arrives at Society as Lola’s stressed out about the kitchen gas lines. He can help. After, Theo has fixed the heat, but has busted a water pipe. Lola thinks taking her to New York will cover the screwup. Theo suggests dinner. Lola doesn’t feel like going out. Theo heads into the kitchen and they trade stories about their childhoods as Theo makes perogies – the Polish version of empanadas. They share the same story with different fillings. Later, they discuss Lola leaving home and taking risks. Theo marvels that she sometimes seems fragile, but is actually tough. Lola talks about wanting her menu in Miami to not be about what marketers think influencers want to eat. Theo cringes, “Ouch.” She wants it to feel like home. Later, in the kitchen, Theo says he wants to find someone who feels like home. Lola’s not ready for serious, but they’re somewhere in between seduction and serious. They’re about to kiss when Kendra, Kyle’s assistant arrives to meet Theo with a file. Lola asks if he and Kyle are working on something together. Theo wanted to go above and beyond to get the boss’s attention. In the dining room, Theo tells Kendra to let him worry about the not-so-inconspicuous exchange and to keep the information coming – he’ll take care of her when he’s in charge.
Theo near kiss Lola Young and Restless

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On the private jet, Tanner questions if Tessa will just write Mariah off for good. She’s tuning her guitar when Mariah appears again. Tessa explains she showed up at the once place that belongs to her. Mariah wants to fight to save their relationship…she’ll fight for both of them. Tessa explains the pain of what she walked in on. Mariah counters it wouldn’t hurt so much if she didn’t still love her. She challenges Tessa to look her in the eye and tell her she doesn’t love her anymore. Tessa shouldn’t have put Mariah on a pedestal – it hurt when she cheated! Mariah will make more mistakes down the road, but never that one again. Tessa has heard this speech before; there’s nothing original about it. Mariah envisions an edgy song about people who have been through it all as they both tear up. Mariah implores Tessa to take this leap with her. Tessa warns if she breaks this again, it’s irreparable. They both cry as they embrace.
Tessa, Mariah reconcile Young and Restless

In Kyle’s suite, he and Summer kiss, then make love amid rose petals. They’ve never been happier.

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