Adam, Chelsea take bait Young and Restless

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At the ranch, Nate examines Victoria, then scolds her for trying to return to work. She plans to go back soon. Nikki’s irked when Victor says, “That’s my girl.” After, Nate advises Nikki and Victor that Victoria might consider therapy. Nikki says she’s talking to Sharon. Victor complains Sharon’s barely out of school. After Nate’s gone, Nikki proposes they send Victoria to a spa, but Victor’s not sold. Victoria interrupts the discussion – she doesn’t want to go and is tired. Later, Victoria explains to Victor she can’t run from what happened. Victor knows what she means. He refers cryptically to dealing with other attempts on his family members’ lives and something he’s lived to regret. Once alone, Victor gets out a file with clippings on Cliff Wilson’s and AJ Montalvo’s deaths.
Victor death file Young and Restless

At Grand Phoenix, Amanda asks Phyllis if Chance Chancellor’s still staying there. Phyllis confirms he is, but isn’t hanging in the lobby now that his girlfriend’s a silent partner. Amanda wants his help finding someone who’s missing. Phyllis invites her to have a drink. Amanda agrees, and they toast to the new phases they’re both entering. Amanda shares that Devon’s been steering clients her way, but she’s considering looking for a position as in-house counsel so she can have a social life. Phyllis thinks she’s interested in Nate. Amanda questions Phyllis’ love life. “What’s his name?” Phyllis plays coy, then says she’s just having fun and is pleased to have risen from the ashes. Talk swings back to where Amanda might work. She doubts Devon wants her in his office, and Phyllis notes Newman is likely out. She warns Amanda not to visit Victoria, who won’t want to be seen in a moment of weakness.
Amanda questions Phyllis Young and Restless

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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse and finds Adam looking pensive. He’s wondering if his mom or Cliff borrowed money from AJ Montalvo and that’s why she skipped his funeral. Adam has learned that Cliff had significant financial issues, then suddenly didn’t. For a while there were regular cash withdrawals, which could have been loan payments, before the money ran out. He guesses Cliff would have been too proud to tell Hope. Chelsea muses whether Cliff’s death was truly an accident. Adam notes the drunk who hit Cliff worked with AJ and theorizes that Victor visited Cliff in the hospital, learned the truth, and decided to deal with AJ to keep Adam and Hope safe from him. Adam calls Alyssa to come over, then cautiously shares his theory with her concerning her father. She takes offense at the idea AJ was behind Cliff’s death and storms out upon verifying he has no evidence of a crime.

At Social, Chelsea approaches Nick, who believes Adam’s up to something. He came to the ranch. Chelsea knew he went to see Victor about the farm. Nick’s suspicious he gave him a pat on the back for doing a good job at Newman. Chelsea argues he wants peace. Nick doubts that and notes Adam’s deviousness doesn’t faze her. Chelsea defends Adam wanting to pitch in during Victoria’s crisis, then complains Nick took the position so Adam wouldn’t have it. She’s furious they treat him like an outsider. Nick reminds her of Adam’s transgressions and fumes that she’s a completely different person when she’s with him. She will end up hurt, that’s always how it is with Adam. Nick leaves and Alyssa joins Chelsea, who learns her meeting with Adam went badly. Chelsea lets it slip that Adam thinks Victor may have killed AJ, then excuses herself, flustered from ‘putting her foot in it’. Alyssa gets online and researches Cliff’s death.
Chelsea, Nick butt heads Young and Restless

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At Grand Phoenix, Amanda helps Phyllis compose a text to a hot guy.

At Newman, Nick gets a ‘meeting request’ from Phyllis and replies that he’s intrigued.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis urges Amanda to send Nate a flirty text. Amanda balks. Phyllis grins as Nate walks in. Nate updates Amanda that Jared’s in jail.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam that he really got to Alyssa, and she ‘let the rest slip’. They enthuse over getting her to take the bait.

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