While Phyllis fusses with the Thanksgiving preparations at the GCAC, Nick and Victoria visit Victor in jail. He tells them that he still wants nothing to do with their mother. They discuss the case and how the journal is a forgery, puzzling over how to get proof.

Nikki and Paul wake up together. He clarifies that sleeping together wasn't his intention when he asked her to stay with him. She smiles and says she's glad he didn't stick to his intentions then! They discuss Thanksgiving and he explains that he's estranged from Heather after keeping Victor's return from her. She invites him to join them at the Club. They decide not to spring the new developments in their relationship on everyone today.

Adam and Heather sit down together in the Club dining room. She says she is relieved to not have to deal with Paul today. They agree that they'll make their own family.

Sharon, Noah and Jack prepare to have dinner together. Noah goes off to set the table and Sharon says Cassie's paper turkey is already there. When Jack acts loving, Sharon warns him that things won't change overnight - she still doesn't trust him! They go into dinner, and afterward, Jack asks Noah if he wants to relax and watch the game. Sharon cuts him off, saying that she has to take Noah to the Club for dessert - to Nick's family. Jack gets a call from Traci, and Noah asks Sharon if he should stay - she and Jack are being all weird. As they head out the door, Noah remarks how Victor's stuck in jail. Jack winces.

At Neil and Karen's place, everyone is exchanging greetings before dinner. As Karen tells Tyra and Gil where to sit, Tyra fusses over Karen's ring. Lily comes out of the kitchen and announces that she did not cook the turkey this year. As they sit down and start eating, Lily points out how happy Neil and Karen seem together. Gil announces that he's been called into work and he'll have to leave soon. They all share a toast. Ana says it's been the best Thanksgiving ever. As Gil leaves, Karen suggests that all four of them go out sometime. Lily starts texting, telling her curious father she's now friends with Billy Abbott.

Esther is dressed up and preparing for the first Thanksgiving without Mrs. C. Chloe is thrilled that Esther is wearing something she picked out for her. Billy comes in and they go into the living room where Jill is saying that this is a tough day. Chloe fusses over Esther, saying she should be duct taped to a chair so someone could look after her for a change. Cane looks on with interest. Jill takes Billy aside and says she paid a private visit to Kay's grave earlier. They eat dinner, and Cane approaches Billy afterward, thanking him for talking to Lily for him at the bookstore. Billy suggests that he leave her alone and quit messing with her head. His cell rings and he says he's meeting Lily for a walk! Esther remarks on Katherine's empty chair, and Jill tells her it's enough of that talk. Esther says maybe if Jill had been nicer to her she wouldn't feel so guilty. As Cane and Chloe look on, Esther stands up to Jill, saying, "What are you going to do? Kick me out?! You can't!" Chloe changes the subject to the baby, and they all soften. As they toss baby names around, Chloe pulls out an ultrasound photo - saying it's going to be a girl! They agree her middle name will be Katherine, and Jill calls for Esther to bring champagne! However, Esther tells her they are now equals, so she can get it herself - and she'd better get used to it!

Wearing Marge's waitress outfit, Katherine has arrived at the diner, hissing at Murphy that she doesn't recognize the place! The boss yells at her to get to work. As she struggles to keep her orders straight, the boss tells her to "shake her tailfeather" and then threatens to fire her, but she stands up to him! She makes it to the end of her shift, telling Murphy that she's going to be the best waitress ever seen!

The Newmans all arrive at the Club for dinner. Phyllis explains that Daniel won't be coming - Amber is making them dinner this year and they're spending it alone. Everyone welcomes Paul to the table and Victoria and Nick assure Nikki that they think Victor was out of line. Adam and Heather pass by the table. Adam says it's too bad Victor's spending it in jail. Paul politely asks if Heather had a good meal, and she says they did. Nick then tells the couple to enjoy the holiday because once the truth comes out about what Adam did, it will be their last one together! Nikki says even Adam can't dampen her spirits today. Phyllis takes the kids away from the table and Victoria and Nick fill the rest of them in on Jack's involvement in the journal fiasco.

Down at the police station, Detective Gil is stunned to be handed a poster with Ana's photo on it which says she is a missing child!

Billy arrives to pick up Lily, and is met at the door by Neil, who tells him it probably isn't a good idea to be friends with your brother's ex-fiancee! Devon is on the phone with Roxanne as Lily and Billy head out. But Lily comes back in - she has Gil and a lady from Social Services with her! Gil tells Tyra that Ana was reported missing by Yolanda. They explain to Gil what Yolanda is all about, but he says they don't issue these bulletins lightly! They call Ana and explain that she has to go with the social worker. She cries for Devon not to let them take her away!

Sharon and Noah arrive at the Club. Phyllis greets Sharon cordially and Sharon returns the greeting. They sit down and they go around the table saying what they're thankful for. Nick says he's thankful for family, and Sharon seconds it! Phyllis gives her the look. The rest are thankful for their friends and loved ones. Phyllis is thankful for her beautiful kids and her super-sexy husband!

Jack turns up at Victor's jail cell, saying he was sitting at home thinking of things he was thankful for - and Victor in jail came to mind! He tells him he would have baked him a cake with a file - but he was worried about the metal detector. They get into banter about the journal and Victor warns that he hasn't murdered anyone - but Jack might want to leave before he changes his mind about that!

Up in their room, Adam presents Heather with a gift box. It's mistletoe! He says they should get married at Christmas!

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Monday December 1:

Michael tells Jana and Kevin that Gloria will regret trusting Jack!

Gloria asks Jack to be very clear - she will be named CEO of Jabot!

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