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Jill visits Jack at Jabot and tells him she offered Billy a job at Chancellor Industries. She goes on that it would give him purpose and she won’t give up on him. Jack explains he hasn’t given up on Billy but they hardly talk. Jill has an idea that will entice Billy to Chancellor. After hearing it, Jack’s impressed but warns a lot of things have to fall into place for it to work. Jill just wants Jack to persuade Billy if he comes to him. If she pulls this off, Jack will sing her praises. Jill looks forward to it.

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Billy greets Amanda at the Grand Phoenix – he needs to know she’s okay. Amanda assures him she’s hopeful about the future. Ripley pled guilty to stabbing Victoria, so she’s truly free. Billy shares that Victoria’s upset with him, but he’s figured out what’s right for him so Amanda shouldn’t worry. Amanda hopes they can get coffee some time. Upstairs, Abby enters Chance’s suite and says operation faux Phyllis is underway. Chance worries about her getting caught impersonating Phyllis to access her safety deposit box. Abby’s determined to be the one who stops Phyllis and has her signature down. Chance wants to put her through the paces – is she up for a little role-playing? Abby replies, “Always.” Chance pretends to be the bank employee as Abby poses as Phyllis and says she lost the key to her box. Chance warns her to stay loose. Abby dons her Phyllis costume and Chance gapes. “Wow…”
Abby as Phyllis young and Restless

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Adam, Chelsea and Connor arrive at the bed & breakfast in Kansas where Adam and Chelsea stayed when they got married. Connor wishes they were staying at the farm. Once Connor’s asleep, Chelsea asks what’s bothering Adam. Adam’s worried about the farm being so run down. He’d pictured them there, and wishes Connor had been able to know Hope, who had such a big heart. Adam wonders what he might have been like had she not died, or he hadn’t found out Victor was his father. Chelsea hates how Victor jerks him around – if he wants the CEO chair, she’ll do whatever it takes to get him there.
Adam Chelsea talk Kansas Young and Restless

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Phyllis visits Nick at Newman Enterprises and flashes some leg – she came to congratulate him personally. Nick realizes she urged him to do this because she wanted to thwart Adam. Phyllis knew he would be noble enough to step in. Nick wonders if he can call her after late nights working. Phyllis confirms he can. Nick takes a call about the budget, then broaches them coming out of the friendzone. Phyllis says the sex was spectacular but blames the ice storm. They can go back to being friends unless it’s not that simple for him. Nick admits it’s not easy to ignore. Phyllis concedes she’s found herself flashing back. Nick, staring at Phyllis, hits the button to close the office door and they have sex on the desk. After, Phyllis teases, “We got that out of our system, right?” Nick gazing into her eyes agrees they’re completely done.
Nick grin office Young and Restless

At Crimson Lights, Jared tells Nate he spent the night outside the ICU and is concerned about his grandpa. Nate offers him breakfast, which he refuses, then asks about his situation. He learns Jared didn’t graduate and works at his grandfather’s rented store since leaving foster care. Amanda arrives and tells Jared she grew up in the system too. Nate listens as they compare notes. Jared was so grateful when he found his grandfather. Amanda promises that she, Nate, Devon and Elena are people he can trust. Nate takes a call about Jared’s grandfather – they need to get to the hospital now.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Jill is thrilled when Billy says he’s decided to accept her offer. Jill welcomes him aboard – she’s excited to see him so fired up. Billy starts asking about the budget, but Jill stops him; he’s not the only one to have a say. Jill wants him to work alongside someone. Someone enters. Jill says, “Meet your new partner.” It’s Lily.
Jill stops Billy Young and Restless

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