Abby, Phyllis square off Young and Restless
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At the penthouse, Chelsea knows Nick doesn’t want the CEO position. Adam maintains he took it so he couldn’t have it. They debate whether Nick is up to the job. Adam’s sure Victor will oversee his every move. Chelsea talks about Adam waiting and watching before making his move. Adam takes a call from Chance to meet.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor’s on the phone telling someone to announce to the world that the new CEO is his brilliant son Nicholas.

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At the ranch, Nick tells Victoria he needs her to hurry back to Newman before he screws up everything. She warns him it’s not a joke – is he absolutely sure he’s ready for this? Victoria apologizes, then becomes agitated talking about fate taking her away from the company. When she naps, Nick whispers to Nikki – he’s concerned about Victoria and wants to know what Nate has to say. Later, Nate examines Victoria. When he mentions returning to work, she wants to go back to sleep. Nikki tells Nate she’s not behaving like herself. “What is going on with her?” Nate reminds Nikki she had PTSD after JT and this has been a setback. “Give her time and hope for the best.”

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At Society, Chance updates Adam that they don’t have to worry about Phyllis anymore. Chance still feels he owes Adam and must tie up the other loose ends. Talk turns to Nick taking over at Newman – Chance shows Adam the press release.
Chance updates Adam Young and Restless

At Grand Phoenix, Billy learns Phyllis bought Abby and Chelsea out and doubts it was pretty. Phyllis snarks about him judging her and says Amanda and Victoria both deserve better. She alludes to the knife in Victoria’s back, then apologizes. Billy’s stunned. He apologizes too, he’s pleased she has the hotel back. After, Phyllis spots Abby and wants to put her out with the trash. Abby retorts if it wasn’t for her hard work, she wouldn’t have a hotel to run. She needles about her new property across the street. Phyllis isn’t afraid of competition. The redhead says her room was broken into and cautions Abby about her playdates with her adrenaline-junkie boyfriend. Phyllis confides that she had a back-up plan – she suggests Abby tell whoever broke into her room that nothing’s safer than a safety deposit box. Later, Chance arrives and Abby informs him Phyllis has another copy of the recording of him and Adam discussing the murder in Vegas in a safety deposit box. Chance needs to find it. Abby has a plan. She does an impression of Phyllis. Chance thinks it was so good it was scary, but can she get access to her safety deposit box? Abby won’t let anyone stop her.
Abby, Phyllis warning Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Billy ‘reports in’ to Ashley to get his tongue-lashing. Ash asks how he’s doing after everything that happened. Billy says she’s the first person to ask. She hugs him. Ashley learns Ripley pleaded guilty so there will be no trial. Billy wishes he’d listened to Victoria and left the party that night. He says it was horrible and feels like she hates him now. Ashley doubts that. She urges Billy to take Jill’s offer at Chancellor Industries. Billy will talk to his mom. He asks about Dina. Ash sighs. They can’t really grieve for her, but she doesn’t really know where or who she is anymore. She reflects on how long she spent resenting her…but she’s her mother. Ash doesn’t know how to say goodbye who’s had such a huge impact on her life.
Billy contemplates idea Young and Restless

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea hugs Chloe – she’s glowing! Chelsea has good news of her own – she and Adam are engaged. Chloe asks, “What’s the good news?” Chelsea defends her relationship with Adam – neither of them is perfect, but they’re perfect for each other. Chloe tears up. She’s happy for her, but Adam better take good care of her.
Chelsea shares news Young and Restless

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Nick greets Victor at Newman Enterprises and complains about articles online suggesting this is permanent. Victor insists the job will be Victoria’s again, but they can’t show weakness. Talk turns to Adam. Nick figures he’s preparing to make his move – they have to fight him with everything they have. Victor’s focus is on protecting his legacy. “What’s done is done.”

Adam arrives at home, where Chelsea has three tickets to Kansas to plan their wedding. She promises he’ll get everything he wants.

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