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At Nick’s place, he and Phyllis agree last night was totally unexpected and start kissing. Christian appears, so Phyllis says she has to go. Nick asks why she’s running off. Phyllis recaps they had great sex – they won’t let history repeat itself. Before leaving, she asks if he can live with Adam getting the CEO position at Newman. Nick doesn’t want to get sucked back in. Phyllis thinks he’s his own man and is being stubborn. She wouldn’t mind seeing Adam trash Victor’s company, but it would hurt a lot of people…like Victoria. Phyllis thinks Nick could prevent a bloodbath.
Phyllis, Nick kiss Young and Restless

Kyle and Summer awaken in Society and spot Lola sleeping with Theo’s arm around her. Kyle stares as Summer keeps prodding him to leave. After, Theo says he thought Kyle’s head was going to explode – it serves him right for shoving his love story in her face. Lola admits she saw Kyle watching and liked it. Theo grins; she does have an edge. He goes in for a kiss, but Lola stops him. Theo asks if he did something wrong. Lola likes him, but she has to be sure it’s right for her before they take the next step. Theo tells her she’s worth the wait.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Billy wakes up next to Amanda, who is still asleep. Amanda awakens and realizes she slept incredibly well for the first time since… Billy offers to get breakfast while she showers. Later, Amanda tells Billy she feels free now that Ripley’s locked up. Billy feels the same when he’s with her. Amanda says, “It’s so complicated with us.” Billy thinks it’s worth taking a chance on – it feels right. He kisses her. Amanda looks at him, then kisses him more deeply. After, they decide Billy should go.
Billy watches Amanda sleep Young and Restless

At the ranch, Adam and Victor discuss Victor telling Connor to toughen up. Adam knows Victor thinks he coddles him. Victor realizes he’s protecting his family. They’re pleased to resolve the conflict. As talk turns to Adam running Newman Enterprises, Victor gets a call from Nick – he’ll take the CEO position. Adam fumes that Nick only took the job so he wouldn’t get it and accuses Victor of playing him. Nikki and Chelsea reappear as Adam warns Victor this may be a conflict they can’t come back from. Later, Nikki asks Victor if he intended to give the position to Adam. Victor did, but Nick was his first choice.

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Summer arrives at home and tells Nick about her night at Society. She asks about Phyllis crashing there and Nick confirms they hung out. Summer’s glad. Nick fills her in on Newman and she’s proud of him.

At Jabot, Theo has ideas for Kyle on a new social media campaign. He gets a vibe that Kyle’s upset. Kyle insists everything’s fine. He hears Theo’s pitch and feels it’s not strong enough. Theo thinks this is personal. Kyle denies it. Theo thinks it’s interesting coming after Kyle and Summer slunk out of Society without thanking Lola for her hospitality. He intends on being there for Lola in all the ways he wasn’t. Kyle asks if he genuinely cares about her or is this another way to stick it to him. Theo thinks Lola is very special…pissing him off is just a bonus.
Kyle fumes Young and Restless

Summer returns to Society for her scarf. Lola suspects there’s another reason she came back. Summer wants to warn her about Theo, who can be fun, but can also be a user who holds a grudge. Lola doesn’t want her opinion. Summer’s not done. She says Theo is a better version of himself with Lola – she brings out something in him she’s never seen before. If they got together, Summer would be happy for them.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis thinks Chelsea seems frazzled. Chelsea remarks on her sweatsuit and Phyllis remarks she spent the night at Nick’s. Chelsea muses, “Interesting timing.” Phyllis needles about outplaying her for the hotel shares. She won.

Phyllis enters her suite and spots a used towel. She quickly realizes the thumb drive is missing and her laptop’s soaked with water. “You think you’ve won? Think again.”

At Newman, Nick tells Victor he changed his mind because it’s temporary. Victor confirms Adam knows, and wants to get to work.

At home, Adam wants to go to Kansas. Chelsea knows he’ll want revenge on Victor for this – she’s fully on board and intends to help him win.

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