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At Society, Summer and Kyle tease each other and kiss as Lola watches. Theo notices and decides to bother Kyle. Lola pulls him away and reminds him to keep the peace. Theo persists. Summer suggests drinks, so Lola offers to show her bartending tips. Summer shares she once dreamed of being a bartender after watching Coyote Ugly. They bond over loving that movie and Summer apologizes – having them there can’t be easy. Lola doesn’t always want to be the one ‘handling it well’. Summer wants her to be happy. Meanwhile, Theo challenges Kyle to an arm-wrestling match and they erupt into arguing. Theo calls Kyle out for having two ex-wives in the room. Lola drags Theo to the kitchen. He invites her to take his anger out on him like before. She asks about their date – if she was to say yes, what would the plan be? They decide on a horror movie. Theo would take her for food, followed by dessert. He’d then walk her to the door for their first real kiss. He kisses her. Lola stammers, “Yeah, that’s pretty good.” They rejoin Summer and Kyle who have curled up and gone to sleep. Lola cuddles up with Theo but casts another look at her ex before closing her eyes.
Theo, Lola date talk kiss Young and Restless

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Chelsea and Adam bemoan being stuck at the ranch. Chelsea wants to head to bed and suggests Adam put off his confrontation with Victor. Victor appears. “That doesn’t sound like Adam, nor does it sound like me.” Chelsea retires and Victor muses about whether he could trust Adam at Newman. Chelsea reappears with Connor, who’s scared of the storm. Adam offers to read him stories and Victor reassures him. Chelsea and Connor go off. Later, Chelsea finds Adam alone and advises that Adam wants to help – he loves him and Victor’s approval means the world. Victor would like to give him that that more than either of them realize.
Victor questions trust in Adam Young and Restless

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Abby startles a dozing Chance in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix with a kiss. Chance came downstairs to check on things and fell asleep. Abby wants to return to bed – tomorrow she’ll dump the rest of the issues on Phyllis. Chance has one more thing to do. Abby asks if it has to do with Phyllis. Chance won’t risk implicating her and asks her to login to the hotel security. Later, Abby catches Chance in Phyllis’ room and won’t leave. “I want in.” Chance explains he’s looking for the recordings Phyllis has hidden in the room. He gets on Phyllis’ laptop. Abby finds the thumb drive in a drawer. Chance can’t find the recording on the laptop so Abby dumps water over it. He’s wet, so she advises him to remove his clothes and follow her to the shower, where they lather up naked. Chance feels it’s the best mission he ever completed.
Abby, Chance shower Young and Restless

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At Nick’s place, he and Phyllis spar verbally as Nick jokes it looks like she’s moving in. Phyllis says, “Been there, done that.” Nick thinks going there again would be a terrible idea. Phyllis replies, “Never crossed my mind.” Talk turns to Newman Enterprises. Phyllis urges Nick to take the CEO seat to keep Adam out. Nick’s sorry he brought it up. He muses that Phyllis is so put together during the day and turns into an 18-year old frat boy at night. Phyllis laughs; she’s surprised he doesn’t have women lining up. Nick needles she’s not chasing many guys away these days. Phyllis chooses to be single. Nick admires her ‘assets’ before questioning her kiss and decision to stay over. Phyllis says if she was trying to seduce him, he’d know it. “We are better as friends,” she concedes. Nick agrees they can’t fall back into old habits. Phyllis explains why she has a weakness when it comes to him, also noting he’s been a tool at times, and concludes he seduces her without even trying. Nick moves close. Phyllis wonders how two people who love each other so much can hurt each other – she can’t get hurt again. She’s more wounded than people know. Nick feels they’re on the same page – friends nothing more. Phyllis walks past him and he grabs her hand. They start kissing passionately and taking each other’s clothes off.
Phyllis opens up Young and Restless

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