Phyllis, at Brad's house, says she thinks they can help one another. She says Sharon's marriage is about to fall apart - and she can arrange for Brad to be there when it does! Nick phones her cell, and tells her he knows that Jack helped get the diary published. She says they'll talk later. Brad then wants to know why Phyllis wants to help him get Sharon. She says she doesn't trust Sharon to stay away from Nick. Unconvinced that she's telling him everything, Brad passes. Phyllis says to call if he changes his mind!

Sharon paces in the Abbott house, looking at framed photos of her and Jack, before deciding to go out.

Jack meets with the FBI and Heather, saying he's got nothing to hide. He admits to knowing Adam Wilson and says they're business associates. Heather asks why he would risk his reputation to help Adam. Jack says he felt sorry for him when Victor blackballed him!

Neil gets antsy when Tyra prepares to leave his house in a sexy outfit for her date. Gil comes to the door and they leave - Neil acts like a father, telling Liv that he's not sure the detective is good enough for Tyra. The subject of Thanksgiving comes up and Liv remembers how Mamie taught Dru how to cook so she could 'nab' Neil! Talk turns to Neil's life now, and Liv surprises him by saying he shouldn't marry Karen! "There's no chemistry!" she complains. Neil argues, but Liv insists that they're not right for one another - he could have the passion he had with Dru - with Tyra! Just then, Karen comes in! Olivia leaves, and Karen remarks to Neil that it's too bad Liv won't be staying for Thanksgiving. Neil then presents Karen with her engagement ring to make things 'official'. As they kiss on it, Neil seems to be thinking about Olivia's words.

At the jail, Ash leaves and Nikki tells Victor she is glad he asked to see her. He asks what she knows about the journal, and whether she's responsible for it! He accuses her of bringing the journal from Mexico to the Ranch. She denies any knowledge of how the diary got to GC. With that, Nikki has had enough. Telling him she's done nothing but try to help him, she reminds him that he's not the only person who has lost someone, and that she's shed her last tear over him! They both call for the guard!

Brad finds Sharon at the bar in the GCAC. She says she could use a friend. Brad offers his services, but Sharon doesn't want to drag him into her problems with Jack, noting he warned her plenty of times not to marry him! Brad says he's there to listen if she ever needs an ear. She smiles.

At Crimson Lights, Nick encounters Adam. He says he won't hit him again, but he knows that he and Jack cooked up that diary together. "Don't even try to deny it!" Nick says Victor never would have had a journal like that - they should have come up with a different way to frame Victor! He says it's all going to blow up, because the whole scheme reeks of Jack! He suggests Adam wise-up and cut a deal. Adam doesn't bite, and walks out. Phyllis arrives, and they talk through Nick's thoughts about the diary together.

Back at Paul's house, Nikki fills him in on how she stood up to Victor. "He acts as though I'm the person who drove the limo off the road!" Paul is proud, and Nikki's proud of herself too! They banter over who will take the couch, and Nikki tells him he's a good friend. When he makes her feel better about not knowing Katherine was drinking again, she admits she couldn't have got through the past few months without him. They reminisce about when they met, and wind up sharing a kiss. This leads them to make love, and afterward, they agree that there are no regrets!

Tyra sits with Gil at Crimson Lights and he reiterates that she seems young enough to be Ana's sister! They discuss one another's lives, and she invites him to Neil's for Thanksgiving. Later, as she kisses him goodbye, she seems to be holding back.

Adam and Jack are now together at the Abbott house. Jack is frustrated that Adam keeps running to him - he tells him if he starts feeling guilty, he'll start acting guilty! He sends him away saying, "Chill out!" After Adam leaves, Sharon gets home and announces that she has decided to give their marriage one more chance. He asks if she loves him, and she rails at him, saying of course she loves him, but this is about respect and wondering what is coming around the corner next! She offers one last opportunity for him to confess anything, but he says he's got nothing left to hide!

Olivia runs into Ashley at the GCAC. They get caught up on their kids - Nate's in medical school - and Ash invites her to sit down for a drink. When Olivia learns that Ash is back with Victor, she is appalled. "Being with Victor feels right?!"

Heather meets up with Adam at the Club, and she tells him that Jack put in a flawless performance, but alarm bells were going off all over the place - he was definitely hiding something! Adam looks uncomfortable, then tries to dissuade her, saying that Jack's marriage is falling apart - that's probably all she's sensing. She plans to do some digging anyway!

Nick arrives at the jail and tells Victor that Jack hooked Adam up with the publisher. Victor is not surprised - he knew Adam didn't come up with this on his own.

Brad calls Phyllis and says he's been thinking about what she said. Phyllis says Jack doesn't respect Sharon anymore than he did her, when they were married. She tells Brad to be ready. Brad says when Phyllis calls, he'll be there - for Sharon's sake!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine struggles to do Marge's job in the diner!

Jill asks Billy about he and Lily being friends. As Cane and Chloe listen, he shrugs and says, "Yeah, we're friends, you know."

Jack turns up at the jail to see Victor!

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