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In the hospital, Victoria awakens to Nikki, Victor and Nick looking at her. Nikki and Nick exit and Victoria asks Victor about what happened. “Who would hurt me like this?” In the waiting area, Nikki tells Nick that Billy was there when Victoria woke up. Nick fumes. Victor appears and explains Victoria wants answers. He didn’t tell her anything since the psychopath’s still on the loose. Nate joins them and says Victoria can go home tonight. Victor asks how long until she completely recovers. Nate can’t say and warn her emotional trauma may take longer to heal. Victor tells Nick to sit down so they can discuss Newman. Nick learns Adam offered to step up. Nick replies, “It can’t be Adam.” Victor will put whoever he pleases in charge. Nick argues but won’t get sucked back in and walks off. Victor muses, “He’ll come around.” Nikki’s doubtful.
Victor talks to Nick Young and Restless

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At Grand Phoenix, Jack has bad news for Abby – Dina’s not doing well. She’s lost her appetite, and is asleep more than she’s awake. Abby should prepare herself. Abby knows how difficult this will be for her mother and Jack. He exits and Phyllis appears. She feigns horror when Abby mentions a second lawsuit. Abby can’t figure out what Phyllis has to gain – the lawsuits hurt her interest in the hotel as well. Phyllis can make them go away and tells Abby she should sign her shares over to her. Abby refuses. Phyllis feels she’s delaying the inevitable. After, Abby gets on the phone and fires her lawyer. Amanda overhears. She’s relieved Victoria woke up and offers to help Abby out. Abby says she can’t – it’s her friend, Phyllis, trying to get her out. Amanda presumes she loves the hotel since she’s fighting so hard. Abby’s proud of what she’s accomplished there and won’t let people think Phyllis beat her. Amanda counsels people will think what they like, she has to decide what winning looks like to her. After Abby leaves, Phyllis joins Amanda, who questions if the hotel is really worth all of this. Phyllis quickly replies, “Absolutely it is.” She put her heart and soul into Grand Phoenix and it was taken away. It’s a shiny toy to Abby, but it’s her life. She’ll make Abby’s life miserable until she gets it back. Amanda glances up – Abby’s standing behind Phyllis. Abby hands out drinks so they can celebrate. She thanks Amanda for her advice earlier – it’s not worth fighting with Phyllis – she can take her shares and do whatever she wants with the hotel. Phyllis looks over the paperwork. Abby warns she bought the property across the street and plans to make this place look like a shack on the beach. Phyllis urges her to ‘bring it’. Abby retorts, “It’s been brought.”
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Chance arrives at Adam’s penthouse complaining Phyllis is a loose cannon. He plans on eliminating the threat immediately. Chance won’t hurt anyone, though Phyllis’ feelings might get bruised. He wants to find the recordings she’s using as leverage. Adam asks how he comes in. Chance just needs his blessing. They shake hands.

At Society, Jack phones Ashley and says it’s about Mom – she needs to come home. Adam joins him. Jack notes his efforts to make amends, and opens up to him about Dina. Talk turns to Victor. Jack realizes to prove himself to his father Adam will have to rejoin the family fold. Adam isn’t sure Victor’s taken his words to heart. Jack learns Adam offered to run Newman and urges him to continue to pursue it. Adam thanks him. Jack’s support is conditional on him not letting Victor push his buttons and stepping down with grace when Victoria returns. He adds that Adam should let Victor make the next move.
Adam meets Jack Young and Restless

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance has a job for Kevin, who asks, “Is it legal?” Chance explains about the recordings, which are likely on a laptop and flashdrive. Kevin can’t understand why he needs him and asks if this is a set-up. Chance says it’s a private matter and no one will even know Kevin was involved. Kevin needs him to make it worth his while. Chance jots down a figure. Kevin says, “Deal.”

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