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In her hotel suite, Abby gets an update from Nick by phone – there’s no change in Victoria’s medical condition. After disconnecting, Chance and Abby go over Phyllis pressuring her with regard to the hotel. Abby plans to neutralize Phyllis by giving her a win. Chance, agog, asks, “You’re going to give her the Grand Phoenix?” Abby replies, “I didn’t say that.” After she’s relayed her plan, Chance feels bad, but Abby explains this will stop Phyllis and give her bragging rights. Abby exits as Chance gets a call.
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In the coffee house, Phyllis is on the phone saying she wishes there were more people like them; willing to fight the good fight. She thanks the person and disconnects. Inside, Amanda tells Rey she hasn’t heard from Ripley and feels badly about misjudging the situation. Rey reassures her. Billy appears. Once Rey goes, Billy won’t let Amanda blame herself – he wishes he’d listened to her last night. Amanda rants about their involvement – it’s reckless, people got hurt, and she’s keeping her distance. Amanda rushes past Elena and Devon as she goes. Elena and Devon sit to discuss Amanda. Devon realizes wiping herself off the internet had nothing to do with Colin. Elena assumes she took Colin’s case to get out of town. Devon worries she’s still in jeopardy. Chance arrives with an update that Colin was spotted in Luxembourg then took off. Devon asks about getting Ripley in custody. After Chance’s gone, Devon remarks on what Amanda and Victoria are going through – it’s a reminder of what’s more important than money.

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At Society, Mariah tells Lindsay that Devon referred her to a job recruiter. Theo enters and offers to put in a good word for Mariah with his boss. Mariah scoffs at the idea of working for Summer. They spar verbally and Mariah tells him to piss off. Theo apologizes and suggests she try to get in with Tanner Watts’ people. Mariah explains family is too important to her to relocate. Theo shows her a photo of Tessa and Tanner together that demonstrates their smart social media strategy. Mariah seems sobered. She moves to a table and video chats with Tessa, who is joined onscreen by a shirtless Tanner who jokes about social media followers calling them rock’s new power couple. Tanner goes and Mariah asks Tessa if they’re sleeping together. Tessa protests and Mariah slams the laptop closed. She marches to the bar, where Theo asks about her video call. Mariah wants his illusion that they’re friends to stop immediately. Lindsay’s off and Mariah leaves with her as Theo watches.
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Jill lets Billy into the Chancellor Estate and they discuss his break-up. He released them both from unrealistic expectations. Jill’s disheartened as he runs himself down. They embrace. Jill offers to stay with him and the kids and learns they’re at the ranch. She thinks Billy needs a job and wants him to join Chancellor Industries running her new social media division. Billy suspects it’s a made-up position. Jill continues her pitch – he could make Chancellor relevant and go head-to-head with Newman. Billy feels everyone that trusts him regrets it and he can’t deal with this right now. Jill’s there if she needs him.

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Phyllis meets Abby in the hotel lobby. Abby apologizes for not acknowledging her entitlement in the hotel and hands over an offer to buy her shares in the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis looks and scoffs – this is three times what they’re worth. Phyllis needs time and walks off. Abby spots Amanda and touches base on increased security. Amanda learns Victoria’s critical and in a coma. Nate arrives to check on Amanda. Abby excuses herself. Amanda wishes Nate could assure her Victoria will pull through. Abby rejoins Phyllis and warns this is a limited time offer. A man enters with an envelope and serves Abby. Phyllis mocking asks, “What could that be?” Abby gapes – a former guest is suing her. Phyllis suggests she give her the hotel and walk away. Elsewhere, Nate talks to Amanda about being traumatized. She feels she needs to go into hiding – anyone close to her is in danger. Nate talks her out of it.
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