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In the gala’s photo gallery room, Chance has something bad to tell Abby involving Adam and Phyllis. Abby quips, “That’s never a good combination.” In the dining area, Victoria and Nick present Victor with his gift. He marvels at the model of the car he drove through the Midwest. Nearby, Chelsea spots Adam watching the exchange. Across the room, Noah learns Summer and Kyle are back together and is supportive of his sister’s happiness. Sharon, Rey, Jack and Phyllis watch. Jack and Rey aren’t happy about the pairing. Sharon knows Lola got hurt but feels they should let Summer and Kyle be happy. Jack’s puzzled when Phyllis agrees wholeheartedly – some people never find their true love and it can all be gone in a heartbeat.
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At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda, wearing a white dress, chats with Billy about the Newman gala. Billy remarks on the hypocrisy of it all. They’re celebrating Victor, who has lived on his own terms and that’s all he’s trying to do. Amanda asks how he’s feeling since the accident then excuses herself. Billy senses she’s steering clear of him and shrugs that maybe everyone’s right that he’s a ticking time bomb.
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At the gala, Jill and Jack marvel at climbing into their glad rags to give the devil his due. Talk turns to Billy. Jill thinks he needs a purpose to get him off the treadmill of self-destruction. In the gallery, Chris tells Paul she’s mostly forgiven Victor; she loves her life now. Not far away, Abby learns Adam saved Chance’s life and the man responsible went off the radar – that’s the information Phyllis used to get Chelsea’s shares. Abby stalks away to confront her. By the bar, Sharon tells Nikki she has breast cancer. Nikki recalls when Casey fought cancer. Sharon asks Nikki to be there for Nicholas and the kids. Nikki feels if she can get past their battles, she can beat this too.
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At the hotel, Billy has changed into a tux – he’s going to pay tribute to ‘the man himself’. Amanda warns it’s a bad idea. As she follows Billy, someone watches her.

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At Victor’s gala table he tells Noah how much the gallery means and remarks on his talent. Across the room, Abby, Chelsea and Phyllis have it out about Phyllis’ plan to strongarm her way into the hotel. Nearby, Chance warns Adam that Phyllis can use the tape against them as long as she wants. Adam admits she won this round, but eventually they’ll turn things around. He irks Chance by suggesting Abby let go of the Grand Albatross. Meanwhile, Nick needles Phyllis about her talent for ticking people off. By the bar, Sharon updates Rey on her conversation with Nikki. Noah appears to take Sharon home.

In the photo gallery, Victoria chats with Chris and Paul before returning to the dining room. She warns Jill she doesn’t want to discuss Billy, but Jill insists he’s a good man. Victoria states he wants more out of life than she has to offer. In the gallery, Phyllis remarks on Nick’s relationship with his father. Nick’s amazed at her ability to see into his soul. Phyllis says he sees her; he knows who she is. Nick thinks she does crazy stuff to protect her heart. They share a kiss.
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Billy arrives at the gala and asks Michael and Lauren if they’ve seen Victoria. They point to the art installation. Elsewhere, Elena and Devon wonder why Amanda just walked in. Someone watches her as she looks for Billy. At a table, Abby tells Chance she wants to crush Phyllis. Elsewhere, Chelsea informs Adam that Phyllis actually did her a favor – she’ll go back to designing in time. They agree everything feels so right. Adam drops to one knee and proposes. Chelsea takes it in – the moment they realized they could have it all back. “Yes, Adam Newman I will marry you.” Across the room, Phyllis and Victor agree neither of them ruined the night for the other. Phyllis leaves and Nikki and Victor discuss Sharon’s cancer and all they take for granted.
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Billy wanders the gallery and scoffs at the ‘shrine’. Amanda appears and tries to convince him to leave – he’s drunk. In the shadows, Ripley fumes as Amanda takes Billy’s face in her hands to calm him. He turns his back and Amanda exits, only to be replaced by Victoria, who is also in a white dress. The lights dim and Ripley walks over and stabs Victoria in the side. Billy sees the blood as she falls into his arms.

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