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The show opens with a Victor flashback involving his reunion with his mother, Cora Miller. Nick welcomes everyone to the celebration of Newman Enterprises and its illustrious founder. Victor takes the mic to tell how he started out in business selling soap out of his trunk. He recalls how he became more successful and landed in Genoa City, then flashes to a John Abbott, Jill Abbott, Neil Winters and Brad Carlton honoring him after 25 years at the helm of Newman Enterprises.
Victor mom flashback Young and Restless

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At the gala, Nikki recalls when she and Victor were first together. She wanted to get married at the ranch and Victor telling her nothing will ever keep them apart. Nikki doesn’t know where her life would have ended up if not for Victor – it’s been a thrilling and sometimes heartbreaking journey, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She remembers sneaking into his office disguised as the cleaning lady. In the present, Victor comments on their sometimes rocky road – he loves her more than ever. They kiss and everyone applauds.
Nikki flashback Young and Restless

Victoria speaks next about her father being her mentor and the only man she can count on to catch her when she falls. She recalls a moment they shared before a wedding. She teases about being the heir apparent to Newman before handing the mic to Nick, who notes the suit and tie gig was never really his thing. Victor flashes to giving Nick his first office, which he called a dream come true. Abby talks next; she can always lean on her father in times of trouble. She recalls getting advice from Victor, who told her she is strong, a Newman. Adam jumps up, “May I?” Victor flashes to holding him as a newborn and telling Hope, “He’s beautiful.” Adam recounts that he and Victor always find their way back to each other because they share an invisible bond – he truly hopes they’ve reached a turning point. He’d like to get to know him better and catch up to his siblings. Victor says, “That would be nice.” Victoria, Nick and Abby eyeball one another as Adam and Victor embrace.
Victor, Victoria flashback Young and Restless

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Jack talks about his infamous rivalry with Victor over the years. He reflects that in some ways they’ve defined one another and flashes to Victor smashing things and yelling at him during one of their clashes. Jack feels there will never be another like him. Ashley takes the mic to speak about the complicated relationship with Victor dating back to her twenties. She flashes to a romantic time between them. Paul is up next and remarks that Victor makes an impression on you for life. He recalls his first meeting with the Mustache, who was impressed at him returning money he’d lost. Jill takes the mic and purrs, “Hello Old Friend.” Victor replies, “Hello Jill.” Everyone laughs. She flashes to acting sexy with him when they were younger. Michael follows and interjects, “Never a dull moment.”
Paul flashback Young and Restless

Victor recalls the pain of his mother leaving him at the orphanage as his brother Matt Miller, (played by Robert Parucha), speaks about the same situation. Victor remembers confronting his father, Albert Miller, for abandoning them. Matt recalls them reconnecting as adults. He’s so glad they’ve healed the past. Victor and Matt embrace.
Matt Miller flashback Young and Restless

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Victor stands at the gala and thanks them all for their recollections and memories. He’s honored. Victor greets Elena and Devon. They both miss Neil. Nikki calls for everyone’s attention – she has a surprise. A special installation created specifically for this event. They follow Nikki to a gallery full of wall-size photos. Nikki reveals Noah’s made a name for himself as a photographer in London. The lights dim and colored lights and shadows abound. They represent Victor’s vibrance. After, Victor walks his first wife, Julia, (played by Meg Bennett), to the door. Elsewhere, Chelsea’s proud of Adam. He truly hopes they’ve reached a turning point. Later, Nikki and Victor see Matt off and are alone. Victor tells Nikki it more than he expected. He jokes it was amazing anyone had anything nice to say. No one is more important than she is. They kiss.
photo gallery victor gala Young and Restless

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