Phyllis wants Chelsea's shares Young and Restless
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In Abby’s suite, Chance presents her with a Grand Phoenix plaque he had made for her. They kiss. Downstairs in the lobby, Chelsea warns Phyllis about threatening Adam and maintains no one is going to jail. Phyllis whispers, “Tell that to the woman in Vegas whose husband is missing.” Chelsea barks, “Get to the point.” Phyllis tells Chelsea what she knows and explains she wants her 25% of the Grand Phoenix. Upstairs, Adam’s been trying to call Chelsea. She answers and he tells her he got a suite. She heads up. Meanwhile, Abby joins Phyllis, and refuses to discuss the hotel’s interior design with her. Phyllis smirks, “Okay. You are the boss.” In Adam’s suite, Chelsea reminds him he said he’d tell her what happened in Vegas when she needed to know – that time is now. She learns what Phyllis said is true. Chelsea wants to be angry, but he didn’t do that to her when Simon Black came to town. Adam says he can deal with Phyllis, but Chelsea can handle her. Downstairs, Chance interrupts Abby and Phyllis’ bickering as Abby gets a text from Chelsea and excuses herself. In Adam’s suite, Chelsea informs Abby she’s selling her shares…to Phyllis. Abby’s floored. She guesses Phyllis is blackmailing her and wonders if it concerns Adam. Chelsea won’t talk but urges Abby to take Phyllis down if she gets the chance. After Abby leaves, Chelsea tells Adam she will choose him every time. In the lobby, Abby downs Phyllis’ drink. Chance is stunned to hear Chelsea’s selling Phyllis her shares. Abby seethes, “What do you have on her Phyllis?” Abby stalks off and Chance asks Phyllis what she did. Phyllis replies it’s not what she did – it’s what he and ‘Spider’ did. Chance marvels that she’s ruthless and asks what else she wants. Phyllis doesn’t want half the hotel; she wants the whole damn thing.
Phyllis confront Chelsea Young and Restless

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At the ranch, Nick asks Victor if Nikki’s back. He explains her plane just landed and Victoria’s picking her up. Victor stuns Nick when he questions how Sharon’s treatment is progressing. Nick tries to be cagey, but Victor knows she has breast cancer. Nick warns she doesn’t want anyone to know. Victor’s concerned about Nick and Faith. Nick confirms she knows and has difficult days. Victor tells him to come to him if he needs help. Nikki and Victoria arrive; they’re on top of the gala. Victor wants a hint as to his surprise. Victoria teases Mom has gone all out.

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At Sharon’s place, Rey gives her Traci Abbott’s latest novel to take to chemo. He jokes he’ll read it out loud doing all the characters and voices. They hug, then leave. When they return later, Sharon feels fine and complains chemo is boring. She wants to attend the Newman gala.

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Victor arrives at Top of the Tower, takes in the elegant empty tables and the Newman Enterprises sign. Nikki joins him. He tells her she’s his rock, without her he may not be here. Later, the guests drift in. Nick checks in with Chelsea, who he wants to be happy, while Adam goes to ‘kiss the ring’. Sharon and Rey arrive and set ‘Phyllis’ as her code word for wanting to leave. Nikki follows Sharon into the powder room where she fights a wave of nausea. Nikki thinks there’s something wrong and worries she’s pregnant. Sharon laughs out loud. She tells her she ate a shrimp appetizer and accuses her of skimping on the catering. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Abby are both irked with Phyllis shows up. Abby confronts her and she smirks – now that they’re full partners she figured they’re like family. Elsewhere, Sharon rejoins Rey and Nick and updates them Nikki thought she was pregnant. Their eyes pop out. Just then, Noah arrives – he’s part of Grandma’s big surprise. He’s really there for his mom though. Sharon hugs him. Across the room, Victor’s chuffed to see his brother, Matt, (played by Robert Parucha) and his first wife, Julia, (played by Meg Bennett), arrive. He calls for everyone’s attention and welcomes them all to the 50th anniversary celebration for Newman Enterprises. Nikki grabs the mic and adds, “And the man behind it.” Victor booms, “Let the festivities begin!”

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