Ashley is at Crimson Lights and is on the phone with Jack who is harping on at her about Victor. She pretends to lose reception and hangs up on him.

Sharon answers the phone at home - it's the FBI! Jack sheepishly takes the call and then explains that they want a statement about Victor's journal. She is upset about his lies again, and slams out of the house.

Nick, Phyllis and Nikki are all at Restless Style. Nick and Phyllis say it's nice to see her at work, and Phyllis compliments the piece of Katherine's jewelry that she's wearing. Nick proposes that since she's been through so much, she move in with them, but Nikki vetoes that idea.

Heather is at work, explaining to Adam that Victor is standing by his story that the journal is a fake. Just then, Heather's boss, the D.A. walks in and asks to see her alone. Afterward, Heather calls Adam back into her office and explains that everyone connected to the journal is being investigated - why did he move his advance to a Swiss bank account?! She says that it looks really bad on both of them! Adam explains that it is to keep the money out of Victor's reach, but then presses her to think about moving to Europe. She says she won't quit her job on a whim!

Michael pops in to see Victor in jail, telling him that the authorities want to question him about Walter Palin. Victor contends that there is nothing to say - they were on the boat in the storm and he made it to shore. Michael asks about the journal and Victor reiterates that it's a forgery - and he wants Adam Wilson prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Phyllis is sitting at the coffeehouse when Sharon walks in. Phyllis asks if she's alright - she seems shaky. Sharon asks where Nick is working today, and Phyllis sighs, "Why, Sharon?" Sharon says it's business, and walks out.

Nikki stops at Paul's house. She admits that she is unable to sleep thinking about everything in her life that's gone wrong! She explains how upsetting it is that Victor never wants to see her again. Paul gives her a hug.

Ashley visits Victor at the jail and they get caught up. Ashley presses Victor to let Nikki off the hook so she can move on with her life, but Victor is unyielding. Ashley goes and phones Nikki, telling her that Victor would like to see her. Michael comes back in with the journal. Victor says he recognizes it - he bought it in Mexico! Michael says Adam claims to have found it at the Ranch, but Victor says he left it in Mexico.

Nikki is shocked that Victor wants to see her, and Paul thinks it might be a bad idea. He points out that Victor didn't speak to anyone at the funeral, so why would he suddenly reach out? He offers to go with her, but she says she needs to do this alone. Before she leaves, Paul asks if she'd like to come stay with him, rather than staying alone at the Athletic Club. Nikki is pleasantly surprised by the invitation and accepts!

Phyllis arrives at Jack's house to confront him. She tells him that she ran into Sharon and she's with Nick - seeking comfort yet again! Jack says if it upsets her so much, maybe she should talk to Mr. Perfect! He tells her to keep her panic to herself next time, and she blurts out that she knows about Mexico! He plays dumb, but she warns, "It's me, Jack!" She thrusts the papers at him, saying she also knows about the motel, assuming that Jack's been with hookers while Sharon runs to Nick. "I'm done with it," she rages, "Get a hold of your life!" Jack grimly looks into Phyllis's eyes and warns that the next time she delves into his business, or sticks her nose in his marriage, it will be war - one she won't win!

Sharon arrives at Restless Style saying she needs to discuss Noah, but Nick says he knows she wants to discuss the kiss in Paris. He says it was completely unexpected. Sharon agrees, wondering where it came from, while pointing out that it wasn't all him - she did kiss him back. Nick tells her that what happened wasn't fair to her, or to his wife. He says he is happy - things are really working for him and Phyllis. They agree that the kiss was brought on by reminiscing about Cassie, and that no harm was done. As she's leaving, Sharon tells him that Jack is the one who helped Adam publish the journal.

Back in the jail, Ashley brings up Nikki's name again, causing Victor to complain that he asked Nikki to stay away from him, but she followed him to Mexico - someone could have followed her! He tells Michael that Adam must have had help - Michael should find out who it was! Michael heads out, and Ashley informs Victor that she's going back to London to get Abby - they're moving back to Genoa City to be with him. As they embrace, Nikki walks in.

Michael shows up to see Nick. He tells him about the latest developments with the journal and Nick says that's why he called him. "Guess who helped Adam get the journal published?" Michael says he's scared to ask. They both say, "Jack."

Sharon arrives home and asks to speak to Jack immediately. He says he is on his way out to meet with the FBI. When she asks what he's been doing since she left earlier, Jack tries to distract her by announcing that the Abbott family has taken back Jabot Cosmetics, but Sharon isn't swayed. She says that he only could have done that by scheming - once again, he's kept things from her. He leaves and she picks up a framed photo of them, saying, "It's not worth it."

Phyllis rings Brad's doorbell. He opens the door and she says, "Hello. I'd like to talk to you about Jack and Sharon's marriage." Brad looks suitably intrigued!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Brad notes that since Phyllis is there begging him to help her - he can't help but ask himself why?!

Paul and Nikki share a kiss!

Ashley meets up with Olivia, who questions that being with Victor is what's right for her!

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