Ashley visits Victor Young and Restless
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Jack arrives at Newman Enterprises to let Victoria know he’s aware Billy moved out. He tried to talk sense into him. Victoria is glad she’s not the only one who didn’t see it coming. Jack wonders if Victor’s gloating. Victoria feels he gave Billy every chance to prove him wrong, and reflects on Billy’s innate restlessness. Jack thinks Billy will regret this. Victoria says it won’t matter…she’s done. Jack doesn’t blame her. They hug. Jack exits as Nick arrives. Victoria asks about Faith, then pulls out the gift for Victor – a statue the exact make and model of the car Victor drove when he was just starting out selling things out of his trunk.
Jack visits Victoria Young and Restless

In the hotel lobby, Billy updates Amanda that he’s just taken delivery on his new Italian race car. Amanda’s not keen to take a spin; she has plans this morning.

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At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren laugh while texting with Fen, who’s settling nicely into his new place. Esther arrives and wonders why Kevin and Chloe haven’t shown up yet. When they arrive, hugs and kisses are exchanged, and Chloe reveals their ultrasound photo. Lauren asks if it’s a boy or a girl. They decided to be surprised on the big day. Michael suspects Kevin went back to ask the tech on the sly. Chloe gasps, “You know, don’t you?!” Kevin admits he knows. Chloe insists he tell them. After some debate, Kevin relays, “It’s a boy.” Everyone gushes and Lauren and Esther start planning a baby shower. In a moment alone, Michael tells Kevin how pleased he is for him and Chloe. They embrace. Once alone, Kevin worries to Chloe about being a father to a little boy because of being raised by Terrible Tom. Chloe reassures him. On the patio, Amanda relays her stalker story to Nate, who’s impressed she’s reclaimed her power and feels he knows her a lot better now. He’s proud of her. She’s proud of herself too. They go over her finding Ripley in her suite and Nate’s glad Billy didn’t take his advice to stay away. Billy appears – he hit a tree with the sports car. Nate insists on checking him for a concussion and advises that thrill-seeking can be an addiction. After Billy goes, Amanda relays Victoria’s mention of Billy’s gambling addiction.
Kevin feigns innocence Young and Restless

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At the ranch, Victor’s pleased at a surprise visit from Ashley and embraces her. They talk about Abby coming into her own, then Ashley’s move to Paris. Ash asks about his retirement – she didn’t think it would take. Victor chuckles. Ash marvels at the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration for Newman and notes he’s the picture of health and relaxation. Victor admits retirement’s agreeing with him. Ashley says he deserves to be happy. She wanted this moment alone before the party, which will be crazy. Later, Jack stops in to say he checked on Victoria. Victor advises he straighten out his brother. Jack asks him not to trash Billy in front of the kids. Victor questions Jack believing Billy would be loyal to his daughter after he slept with Jack’s wife. Jack says he got help and points out he’s forgiven Adam. Victor informs him Adam messed with his meds because he believed he’d run him off the road, but it was Billy. Victor forgave Billy, who repaid him by breaking the hearts of Victoria and his grandchildren. Jack’s stunned. They debate whether he’s relapsing or spoiled. Victor hopes he hits bottom, so he’ll finally become a man. Jack’s irked. Victor insists, “Let him fail!”

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At the Grand Phoenix, Ashley assures Billy she won’t lecture him, but warns him not to count on Victoria understanding his actions anytime soon. She talks about Dina blazing a trail for her. Billy no longer wants to follow in John’s footsteps. Ash encourages him to find his passion, but is sad for Victoria and the kids.

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