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At Jabot, Theo greets Jack and they wonder why Kyle and Summer aren’t there. Theo assures Jack he took his advice about Kyle’s situation.

In his suite at the Grand Phoenix, Kyle awakens beside Summer and remarks he shouldn’t be this happy. He promises this wasn’t a mistake and they start kissing. Summer was worried he’d wake up feeling guilty and supposes they should keep this to themselves. Kyle feels everything that’s happening was inevitable. Summer doesn’t want to cause unnecessary pain – this is enough for her, they can figure out the rest later.
Kyle Summer morning after Young and Restless

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At Sharon’s house, she tells Mariah and Rey she’s ready to go. Mariah will be with her through the chemo treatment to help pass the time. They embrace. Sharon says, “Let’s do this!”

Summer arrives at Jabot and discusses an influencer with Theo before moving on. Kyle enters right after and Theo asks if he’s doing okay – looks like he didn’t sleep well. Jack calls Kyle into the office. Summer reappears and Theo needles it’s obvious she has other things on her mind besides their meeting. He points out she arrived 15 seconds before Kyle and knows they spent the night together. Theo adds he respected Lola and gave her space. Summer tells him Lola’s too good for him. Theo scoffs at her wanting to protect Lola. In the office, Kyle tells Jack he and Lola aren’t meant to be together. Jack saw Theo consoling Lola last night. Kyle explains Theo wasn’t the problem – he was. Jack talks about couples working through problems, but Kyle blurts it’s too late – he and Lola are getting a divorce! Jack grimaces as Kyle describes tuning out the voice inside telling him things were off; he never got over Summer. Jack listens as Kyle goes over everything that happened. He thinks it’s a very human situation to love two women. Kyle knows he can’t give Lola what she wants and is prepared to be the villain. Jack glances out at Summer and advises Kyle not to jump into anything new. Jack muses he broke a lot of hearts in his day and he’s mostly ashamed. Kyle will always regret what he’s done to Lola; he hurt Summer too, and needs to find a way to move forward without causing more harm.
Kyle talks to Jack Young and Restless

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At the hospital, Mariah jokes about naming the chemo machine, then steps out while they wait on blood tests. Sharon tells Rey he doesn’t need to wait. He reveals he’s taken a step back at work. Sharon protests, “You did what?” She doesn’t want him putting his life on hold for her. Rey explains supporting her is his life – this is how it’s going to be. Sharon’s nurse enters to brief them. Sharon lets Rey know he can go. The nurse asks if Sharon has questions. She just wants to get started. Later, Mariah entertains Sharon with quizzes, but Sharon sneaks looks at the chemo pump.
Sharon looks at chemo pump Young and Restless

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At Society, Lola assures her mother by phone that everything is fine with her. Rey arrives to check on her and Lola dissolves into tears in his arms. Once Rey is updated, he recalls not trusting Kyle. He fumes that he warned him multiple times. Lola insists it wasn’t malicious – he wanted it to work but there was too much history. She’s glad for the clean break. Rey offers to arrest Kyle for being a jackass. Lola laughs. Once Rey’s gone, Theo finds Lola in the kitchen upset and is angry to see her like that. He lets it slip that Kyle cheated already with Summer. Lola pauses then pushes Theo up against the freezer to kiss him passionately. She pulls away and says, “Let’s get out of here.” Theo replies, “No.” Theo knows she’d wish it hadn’t happened – he knows her. As much as Theo wants her – and he does – knowing she had regrets would kill him. Lola says, “You’re right,” and walks away. Theo bangs his head against the freezer.
Theo bangs head freezer Young and Restless

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At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Rey fuss over Sharon, who complains they’re hovering. She’s feeling okay right now, though this whole cancer business is unsettling and terrifying. Sharon admits seeing the chemo pump gave her a jolt. She’s trying to make the best of it and is thankful for all the support.

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